A revolution in the treatment of herpes

Allokin-alpha -a new generation of antiviral drug, belongs to a group of drugs "prohibiting off cytokines." He is the first representative of this nascent unique group of antiviral drugs (working group name: "Drugs" prohibiting off "cytokines"), in a basis of creation of which has been proved by insect ability Alloferonov (Oligopeptides insect immune system) "disable shut down cytokines.

The ability to "block off" cytokines in viral infekciâhmožet be the method for the selection of new antiviral drugs first synthesized the drug., that acts as a cofactor activation of the immune response, for the formation of which requires the participation of the basic signal-viral antigen, to locate the product in the focus of inflammation, avoiding excessive immune reactions beyond.

Allokin-Alfa effective against diseases, caused by:

  • herpes simplex virus I and II types – genital and labial Herpes, recurrent genital herpes, Ophthalmic Herpes, herpetic keratitis and iridocyclitis;
  • hepatitis b virus. In particular, high efficacy is proven for treating chronic often relapsing genital herpes.

The active ingredient of the drug is a natural cytokine peptide alloferon, produced by chemical synthesis, and patented in Russia, Europe, USA, Japan and other countries.

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