Revolutionary methods of reinforcement of the face and body

Filament reinforcement of the skin or just thread Aptos - one of the modern methods of intensive facial rejuvenation.

Aptos – This procedure is aesthetic correction, combining the advantages of cosmetology and plastic surgery, which allows you to get the desired effect, and long enough rejuvenation without a scalpel, and therefore, without a long period of rehabilitation and possible traumatic complications.

The essence of technology is injected under the skin of special fibers, which aim – the creation of a mechanical frame, fixing and supporting tissue.

immediate effect. Aptos methods allow to obtain excellent aesthetic results without the traditional surgery. The first improvement is already noticeable in the day of the procedure. Through 2-3 Time effect is fully retained and the average 4-5 years.

minimum injuries. Introduction thread requires only one skin puncture, and the installation is performed via a special blunt cannula, which stratifies tissues, without damaging them. The increased length of the string allows puncture on the border with the hair, Therefore, even immediately after the procedure did not show any trace.

The simplicity of the procedure is comparable to conventional injection techniques DERMATOLOGY, apparently the effect of rejuvenation- with surgery.

A complex approach. Aptos methods give the best results in conjunction with conventional operations and aesthetic beauty treatments (various types of peelings, fillers and botulinum toxin injections).

Which zones can be adjusted using the lifting technique APTOS

In areas with strong skin sagging used surgical sutures of polypropylene, and in other areas may be used biodegradable material. zone, which optimally tightened with a particular type of filaments, are the following: nasolabial furrows and deep wrinkles, the chin, décolleté and neck, the brow arch and the area of ​​the upper eyelid, the cheeks and cheeks, the area around the eyes, lip corners, the ears, carried strengthening fabric yarns APTOS inner thigh, the front part of the abdomen, the knee-area, Breast, wrist.

Rationality. Methods are ideal for women and men, accustomed to an active lifestyle, care of their health and are willing to spend time on the long period of rehabilitation.

Procedure. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia. Lifting of the whole person lasts no more than 40-60 minute, lift certain areas takes 20-30 min.

Contraindications. The presence of acute infectious diseases, oncological pathologies, inflammatory processes, as well as disorders of blood clotting process.

recommendations. During the 2-3 weeks after the procedure the patient is recommended to refrain from active facial expressions, massage therapy, fitness activities, and also the sauna bath or.

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