Our patented concentrates with vitamin a propionate and progressive care program differ from other products on the market present with vitamin a.

Vitamin a propionate is unique in, that his formula is fairly small, to penetrate into the skin, but large enough, to control the appearance of peeling and redness on the skin. Some vitamin formulas and too big, to be effective – they remain on the surface of the skin. Others are too small and penetrate the skin so rapidly, that they should be used only under strict medical supervision, because the degree of flaking and redness cannot be controlled.

Vivant resolves any doubts with our progressive skin care program, which involves the phased application of vitamin a propionate. This line of products is guaranteed correct selection of preparation for any type of skin condition.

Derm-A-Gel Corrective serum with vitamin a (1 level).
Patented, the initial formula with vitamin a reduces the appearance of skin defects, age spots, color changes of the skin and wrinkles, supporting the skin clear and youthful.
PROBLEM: Problem Skin. Uneven colour. Wrinkles. Skin, not used to the vitamin a.
The COMPOSITION of the :Propionate retinol. Kojic acid. Lactic acid. Urea (humidifier). NICOTINAMIDE.

Exfol-A \ Exfoliating serum with vitamin a (2 level)- daily, Interim patented concentrate with vitamin a is intended for use on the skin, that was accustomed to Derm-a-Gel. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, Aligns the tone and texture of the skin. Opens clogged pores.

SKIN TYPES: Combined.
PROBLEM:Problem Skin. Uneven colour. Wrinkles.
The COMPOSITION of the:Propionate retinol. Glycolic acid. Kojic acid. Lactic acid. Urea (humidifier). NICOTINAMIDE.

Exfol-A Forte \ Exfoliating serum vitamin a Forte (3 level).
Daily intensive patented concentrate with vitamin a, designed for use on oily, immune skin or skin, that was accustomed to Exfol-A. Reduces the manifestation of defects on the skin, sustainable age spots, change the color of the skin and deep wrinkles, supporting the skin clear and youthful.

SKIN TYPES: Combined. Oily.

IDEAL FOR: Problem Skin. Uneven colour. Deep wrinkles. Staining of the skin.
The COMPOSITION of the: Propionate retinol. Glycolic acid. Salicylic acid. Citric acid. Kojic acid. Lactic acid. Urea (humidifier). NICOTINAMIDE.

Clear Body Therapy \ Drug cleansing for the body- combines the lactic acid and vitamin a propionate, creating a unique Exfoliating effect on the body, especially for skin, which is difficult to treat, including acne on back and chest. This combination is excellent also for dry heels, elbows and knees.

IDEAL FOR: Acne on the chest and back. Rough skin. Dark spots on the hands and body. Hyperkeratosis. Follicular Keratosis (Red pimples on the back of hands and feet). Novoobrazovavšiesâ rasstâžki.

ACTIVE COMPONENTS: Lactic acid. Propionate retinol. Grape seed oil

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