Weight loss programs

This treatment is aimed at losing weight, can be effective only with your active participation.

In order to achieve your goal, necessary 6 – 8 sessions, based 1 during the session. Your beautician will determine with you the type of your cellulite. It may be, that you will comply to several criteria, it is absolutely normal. In this case,, need to combine multiple procedures, to find the right treatment for you and to optimize its performance.

During the entire period of your treatment, need to monitor your diet and drink plenty of water. It is important to continue to use drugs for body care at home, to enhance the reception of cellular mediators to get a real long-term and sustainable impact, Your beautician will offer you adapt to your real needs funds

Food cellulite

As it happens with all the foodies, Your nutrition is important for you, I enjoy a tasty meal, candy, confectionery, as, however, and all other, even the small pleasures of life, Here is the Cure to care that you need. Real innovation, This new generation of slimming Treatment “satisfies hunger” adipose cells. It is the opposite of insulin that is – It prevents glucose tolerance, the main food product adipocita, penetrate into the center of the cell and to produce fat. So, Adipocyte “put on a diet”.

Functional cellulite

Not only do you have a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical exercise – the downside of this era. You will not burn your fat stores, and those, that you eliminate, quickly return. You must get your cells. Here's the full "mul′tiaktivnoe" treatment: Weight Loss, elasticity, recovery vessels, restoration of fabric fibers. Activating effect of calcium on the transition of predadipocitov in mature adipocytes, This treatment sposobtstvuet reduce the synthesis of fat and increases the production of collagen. So, We get double action “Weight Loss + elasticity *. Great tone!!!

Established cellulite

You have a ginoidnuû shape and suffer from a significant accumulation of cellulite on the thighs and buttocks. Here's the core purpose of remodeliruûŝee treatment, that is struggling with the fats in the depth. This brand new shock treatment effect, reasonable methods lysis of adipocytes, used in aesthetic medicine to fight against excess fat and cellulite. Results are achieved through a “explosive” phytocomplex, capable of destroying the, responsible for the formation of clusters of fat cells and their deposits under the skin.

Circulatory cellulite

This powerful treatment allows you to work on 3-ring main parameters weight overload and vascular insufficiency: fat Detoxification, venous drainage antivodnaâ Dezinfilyraciâ, Without resorting to cosmetic surgery, This Care provides a focused uton′čaûŝij remodelâž feet in dimensions to the, to restore their original morphology. This procedure brings instant strong sensation and high efficiency – This relief for tired, heavy and 1 swollen legs.

Genetic cellulite

Your MOM was full, your grandma too, and for several generations, How is this fullness from mothers to daughters. Are you genetically upitanny. Then this withdrawal will surprise you. It came from adipocitarnoj genetics, unique in its kind treatment, effect on the activity of our skin DNA and alters the behavior of our fat cells. It quickly feels. It is the only of its kind, Thanks to both the concentration and the efficiency of its active components: Microdermabrasion crystals based on aluminium oxide, Chemical Peeling is based on a combination of 5-ultra powerful acids, Ènzimatičeskoe exfoliation by proteolitičeskomu action, Molecule weight loss due to modulation adipogenetiki.

Foundation cellulite

This treatment is designed for "mature" women, willing to deal with age-related problems. The negative impact of lower hormone levels in women, who are going through menopause; It is well known. The years go by, the natural burning of fats in cells decreases, What is enhanced with changes in hormonal system. Aware of the expectations placed on “academic expectations”, our Research Division has identified, It would be helpful to use the positive effects of this molecule on the mechanisms of weight gain, associated with aging.

Lymphatic drainage cellulite

This treatment is suitable for the treatment of the overall completeness, accompanied by rich water soft cellulite. It is also suitable for women of lymphatic type, or order, suffering from water retention. "Osmosis" is the phenomenon of Exchange, What is happening at the level of the cell membrane. Increasing this phenomenon increased thermal effect, We facilitate the Elimination of toxins from the tissues and accelerate the process of their evacuation. The results of the following: accumulated toxins are removed, the excess is eliminated, the balance of minerals and trace elements vosstanovlivaetsâ.

Stress cellulite

This treatment is designed for women, individuals under stress and generalized fullness. Relaxing and removing toxins from the algae extracts are used for the, to unblock sites and improve the functions of the nejroposrednikov. The sea water concentrate, Brown algae sverhnasyŝeny essential elements: trace elements (žoķ, iron, copper, zinc), vitamins and amino acids. This extraordinary composition, Thanks to increased cellular metabolism, They promote weight loss properties. Iodine, naturally contained in these algae, an excellent stimulant adenilciklazy, the enzyme, through the work of the receptor at the launch of lipolysis (fat splitting).

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