Professional facials

Cosmetic peels
Peeling - Effective body care, focused on the purification and renewal of skin cells, promotes its toning and detoxifying.
Facial peels necessary:
  • To cleanse the skin: leather pants under layers of keratinized cells, which slows down the process of cell renewal
  • Skin lightening and anti-pigmentation: postrodovye pigmentation, the results of exposure to the sun
  • To smooth out wrinkles: smooth velvety skin is very pleasant to the touch
  • To prepare for the correction: proved, that the active ingredients penetrate deeper and work more effectively after exfoliation treatments
  • To prepare the skin for sun baths: known, that the skin after peeling tan falls evenly and quickly, the resulting hue brighter and more attractive.
  • The departure of the skin is cleaned and polished, becomes soft and takes a healthy look. Exfoliation improves the skin's ability to hydrate saturation and active substances, which are used in subsequent procedures wraps. Salt and seaweed, white clay and vegetable phytoextracts, grains of natural coffee and flower seeds, Rice Bran, Ground olive pit, chopped pearl oyster shell, coconut, fruit acids, essential oils and other ingredients polishing compounds for the health and radiance of your skin.
Procedures are performed on cosmetic products firms Renophase , Ericson Laboratoire (France), И Obagi Pevonia Botanica (USA).
Widespread peeling of the face acquires only nowadays, when developed reliable and secure technology peeling. But, interesting historical fact is, that the use of abrasives and corrosives to exfoliate the top layer of the skin with cosmetic purposes has been known since ancient times.
Increased interest in cosmetic peeling currently associated with the formation of the concept of photo. Considered, that the majority of changes in the skin (Wrinkles, pigmentation, hyperkeratosis, cuperosis, Spider veins, etc.) are the result of damaging UV radiation, in large part to troubleshoot and correct professional exfoliation. Today peels (face, body) belong to the most popular cosmetic procedures.
Peeling of the face requires compliance with postpilingovogo care, which serves as a guarantee against the occurrence of complications and increases the efficiency of the procedure.
Peeling of the skin (Face and Body) - A kind of treatment, so, as any therapy, each acid peels (and not only!) has as its specific indications, and contraindications for.
By strict general contraindications to the peel are:
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation,
  • herpes in the acute stage,
  • fever (temperature).

Ericson Laboratoire (France) – Cosmetics future

Biologique Recherche(France) - Premium класс

Laboratories Filorga(France) - New cell technologies

Pevonia Botanica(France) - Natural beauty products

Selvert Thermal (Switzerland) – The unique properties of thermal water

Germaine de Capuccini(Spain) - SPA-уход

Swissdermyl (Switzerland) – Recent advances of biotechnology

Maria Galland(France) - Highest quality

Bellefontaine (Switzerland) - New word in kosmotsevtike

Amenity Corporation (Japan) – The combination of placental cell extracts

Renophase(France) - Non-surgical skin rejuvenation


EricsonLaboratoire (France) is the makeup of the future. Preparations ericson laboratoire deliver maximum efficiency, absolute comfort and safety, provide comprehensive care and can solve any cosmetic problems, Their action is based on the latest scientific developments in the field of cell cosmetic and traditional methods of phyto-, Aroma- and vitamin.

Ericson laboratoire is the only company in the world, has applied in the production of cosmetics kriogenizatsiyu - rapid freezing at very low temperatures. This method allows you to enter into the formulation of drugs bioactive plant extracts, minimize the use of preservatives, prevent tools from oxidation and the action of enzymes. These cosmetics are characterized by excellent quality, high efficiency, long retain their activity, better absorbed skin.

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