Professional cosmetics Danne

Профессиональная Danne Montague-King (DMK) является высокотехнологическим продуктом, manufactured using innovative scientific research exclusively from natural ingredients. These tools are manufactured in the United States and more than 40 years are popular with the leading foreign cosmetologists. Fairly recently they have become available to buyers Ukrainian. Danne designed to restore the natural beauty of the structure and skin of the face and body, and for the treatment of serious defects (acne, Acne, Cellulite, Stretch, Scar, pigmentation, etc.). These tools effectively confront the aging process, help regain youthful skin.

Training-Academy of Cosmetology Center Tornado mèdikal group offers not only familiar with all cosmetic products, but also organizes courses for beauticians, professional training. You can get detailed information on all lines of equipment for skin care, and to participate in master classes on their use. Danne used today in more than 30 countries around the world: it is endorsed by leading professionals in the field of cosmetology and plastic surgery. Around the world there are more than 8000 clinics and beauty salons, in which means are used Danne; moreover, more 100 thousands of people were able to appreciate the revolutionary treatments and brand products for skin care in the home.

Features and range of action lines Danne

A number of cosmetic products of the U.S. company is based on the beneficial effects on the skin enzymes - natural catalysts, members of the enzyme masks and other care products for face and body. Профессиональная Cosmetics Danne divided into 2 key line - products, suitable for use in the home, and means, which can only be used in a clinical setting (or in beauty salons).

The first group includes:
• Funds for the restoration of the epidermal barrier.
• detoxifier.
• Drugs for treatment of pigmentation.
• Tools for body care.
• Cleaners.
• Cosmetics, which consists of enzymes.
• Additional funds (Gels, Lotions, creams etc.).

The professional line of cosmetics, than those listed above, represented by the following means:
• activators.
• Dezinkrustantami.
• The means for treating the skin of the body (cellulitis etc.).
• Пиллингами.

Все препараты могут применяться в салонных условиях при проведении лифтинга, глубокого пиллинга, антицеллюлитных обертываний и прочих популярных процедур.

Features and benefits Danne

Professional cosmetics Danne - the world's leading resources for the correction of skin, when you create that uses natural ingredients of pharmaceutical grade, and which can be used for any other purpose specialist. These funds do not contain fillers, buffers or wax, whereby their use can achieve a stable positive effect.

Tornado Medical Group aims to reveal to you all the possibilities of this cosmetics, Therefore, regularly organizes training activities: courses, information evenings, seminars, at the end of which the participants receive diplomas. Classes are taught by qualified lecturers.

We aim to not only give you a unique tool for integrated health and skin care, but to teach effectively using it to achieve maximum results. Cooperation with our company and cosmetics Danne-modern solutions, currently available and you.

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