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Косметика -high-performance and high-tech luxury brand. Aura Chake exceptional proved itself and is widely used in cosmetic clinics, beauty salons and Spa centres.

Cosmetic Moisturizers

History of creating the brand goes on 1986 year, When in Paris, Madame Giselle Zemmur threw cry and assembled a team of professionals from well-known scientists, biotechnologists, biochemists and physiologists.

It is considered to be constructors of cosmetics, designed to fight aging, and is an innovative direction in cosmetology — anti-aging. It is in the 80-ies American scientist Ronald Bang first coined the term anti-aging and created an independent branch of anti-aging in cosmetology.

The brand name was chosen by Madame Giselle Zemmour do not accidentally. Desire to give youth and beauty women dipped it in the days of ancient Egypt, When the beautiful princess named Ora Shakeh prepared miraculous omolaživaûŝaûŝie tools by their unique recipes. This time is known as the era of the emergence of cosmetic preparations and procedures, used in our time.

Secrets of beauty in ancient Egypt knew only the elected representatives of the nobility, which and included Princess. News of her extraordinary beauty and mind spread over the whole country. Princess owned the recipes unique beauty potions, that helped women to slow the aging process and preserve youth.

Modern cosmetics Ora Shakeh absorbed the best recipes of ancient Egypt and is currently a unique tool, allowing to fight aging with women from around the world.

The main components of the success of cosmetics Aura Chake:

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1. The uniqueness of the active components of creams and serums, including fruit acids, antioxidant complex, plant estrogens (Raffermin, Strukturin, DNA of plant origin), the patented ingredient THALASSENA.
2. Innovative ingredients, selected research: molecule Perftordekalina, Gatûlin Intense, Next generation signaling peptide Matrixyl.
3. Galeničeskaâ formula
Gradual batch release of active ingredients within a few hours after application.
4. Comfort of use, light perfume aroma products.
5. Extremely thin and rich textures (biological peeling, three-phase gommage, dry oil, fluid texture cream).
6. Original high quality packaging, developed by designers worldwide.

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