Application of retinol in the composition of cosmetic products

today is one of the most effective components of the many cosmetic products, used for skin care. is the "scientific name" familiar to all vitamin and. In the human body formed in the gut of beta-carotene, then comes in the liver and stored in the form of esters. In cosmetics products with retinol are widely used for the treatment of various forms of acne, as well as anti-age. How correctly to appoint preparations, containing , in order not to harm the patient's skin, and get the best results.

Features of application of preparations with retinol in cosmetology

The use of drugs with retinol in cosmetology due to some properties of this vitamin.

Retinol is a fat soluble component, and thanks to its chemical structure, it penetrates the skin layers in external drug causing.

All derivatives of retinol, called retinoid, are divided into two groups: natural and synthetic. Their effect on the receptors of the skin is slightly different, What to consider when choosing a medication with retinol for skin disease treatment. Particularly effective retinoid drugs for such pathology, as acne or acne.


  • as preparations with retinol affect human skin;
  • derivatives of retinol is natural and synthetic retinoids;
  • How to correctly apply, containing retinol.

As preparations with retinol affect human skin

Retinol is commonly used as a component of cosmetics skin care products due to its amazing properties. Vitamin a is very effective "cellular Communicator». Retinol stimulates skin cells, including damaged, to their active and productive work Division. Retinol accelerates cell renewal processes, promoting exfoliation of dead skin stratum corneum scales. But, the, retinol is not èksfoliantom, that is, it does not work like peeling. Acting in the deep layers of the skin, retinol istončaet corneum, When the DermIS, due to its impact, compacted.

Derivatives of retinol is natural and synthetic retinoids

Derivatives of retinol are called retinoid, and their collection includes more than two and a half thousand different substances. Retinoids may be of two types:

  • natural retinoids produced from retinol in human body. These include retinol palmitat and acetate, retinal′degid, Tretinoin and other. Natural retinoids easily collapse under the influence of sunlight, they can also become toxic under their influence, Therefore, we recommend that you use them only at night;
  • synthetic retinoids produced artificially in laboratories. These include adapalene, isotretinoin and other. Synthetic retinoids are less sensitive to ultraviolet rays, But if you have dry skin, increased its sensitivity and other side effects of sunrays in combination with retinoid may cause discomfort.

How to correctly apply, containing retinol

Retinol can affect the skin in the form of tretinoina, because the skin receptors react solely on him. All other forms of retinol can be considered conditionally "inactive".

To, to become a Tretinoin, natural retinoidam need to go a long way, and synthetic retinoids become immediately.

The more steps you need to pass a derived for retinol, to become a Tretinoin, the softer it will work. So, soft natural retinoids contains predominant in skincare tools, and synthetic-in more serious drugs. But it is important to take into account the fact, that synthetic retinoids, acting faster, stronger and more, may have some side effects, What stands in advance warn the patient.

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