Application of plasma in the treatment of diseases of the scalp

, or PRP therapy, Today it is considered one of the most promising treatments for hair loss. This is miniinvasive and fairly safe procedure, yet has high efficiency in many diseases of the scalp and under different causes of hair loss.

Plazmoterapiâ as an effective method of treating diseases of the scalp

The essence of the method is, that the patient plasma injections are carried out, obtained from his own blood and platelet-enriched. Introduction of autoplasma is carried out directly in the problem areas of the scalp.

The principle of operation of the plasma is the regenerative role of activated platelets, that secrete growth factors, What happens stimulation of blood circulation in the scalp, Division and metabolism of the cells of the hair follicle, but in the end is to stimulate hair growth.

The use of the plasma in trichology implies a comprehensive treatment of the hair and scalp, which noticeably improves hair quality, they become elastic and thick, terminated their cross-section and reduces hair loss.

We offered our leading specialists in the field of trichology answer some questions on the application of plasma with appeals to them patients with hair loss problems.

Under what testimony you think appropriate to appointment of plasma? Why, from your point of view, plazmoterapiâ can be effective in technology?

Plazmoterapiâ is the most modern and progressive non-invasive treatment of androgenetic alopecia. This method can be applied in the case of, If hair has been saved or if after loss does not exceed 1 month. See istončennyj, hair bespigmentnyj, which is in a State of deep dystrophy, It is not always possible with the naked eye, but it is clearly visible when using special magnifying equipment. Plasma therapy is indicated in the early stages of treatment of alopecia as a standalone method, as well as in combination with other tools. We also recommend this procedure and in some cases running stages of hair loss, and as skin preparation to perform hair transplant.

What typically expect patients from this procedure, When you ask your hair problems? What kind of results they can get in reality after the plasma and are usually results of operations with expectations of patients?

Sometimes patients believed, that, Turning to the doctor with the problem of baldness, They quickly and easily stop hair loss, but it is not so. Any treatment of alopecia is prolonged in time and, unfortunately, It is not always effective enough. There are some people, whom, No matter how sorry, plasma therapy helps a little or she turns to them is not at all effective. To identify such people before treatment is impossible, and only after 3-4 's procedures, you can say this with some confidence. We always warn their patients about this phenomenon. After a full course of treatment, patients usually notice the darkening of bleached hair, thickening of their (the baby they again become core), start or accelerate their growth. Moreover, After plasma therapy decreases brittleness of hair and improves the scalp.

What course of plasma procedures are typically assigned? Whether the support sessions and intervals?

The standard course of treatment consists of two stages-the first thing running phase saturation. It consists of 6 plasma therapy procedures with interval 1 months. Then the maintenance phase, which includes procedures for plasma therapy twice a year, that is, each 6 months. If necessary, they can do more often.

What additional procedures may improve the results of plasma?

Plasma therapy can be combined with any other treatment methods using both local drugs (minoxidil), and system (finasteride). Moreover, You can combine plasma therapy with hardware and manual methods, improve local blood circulation of the scalp. The only restriction for them – It is advisable to postpone the application of hardware methods 2 the day after the plasma treatment in connection with, that may be a small local inflammatory reaction to the introduction of platelet-rich plasma.

Whether the patient to observe any rules during the rehabilitation period? If there was complications after the procedure?

As a rule, most patients tolerate the procedure without any problems plasma therapy. When unpleasant or painful sensations anesthetic cream applied topically. The first two days after the procedure, there may be a local inflammatory reaction. Other complications, including heavy, When plasma therapy we had no. Procedure plasma therapy is contraindicated for people with problems of blood clotting, patients with hepatitis or diabetes, When you have cancer, patients with mental disorders, pregnant women, and in the presence of inflammation or blotchy rashes in the introduction of plasma platelet-rich. Special rules for patient, and he can go back to normal life immediately after the treatment.

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