Causes of plantar hyperhidrosis and treatment methods

Hyperhydrosis stop able to enter the human state of physical and psychological discomfort. Causes of excessive sweating feet many. It is important to sort them out and treated in a timely manner.

Manifestation of plantar hyperhidrosis

Called plantar hyperhidrosis stop. It appears the release of large amounts of sweat in the feet and the side surfaces of the patient's ankle joints.


Stop Sweating is a local view of hyperhidrosis, which is the primary and secondary. To eliminate it is used medication, physiotherapy, surgery, Botox injections and traditional medicine.

Primary hyperhidrosis feet is considered a separate disease. Precipitating may sympathetic nervous system activity and increased work of sweat glands.

Secondary hyperhidrosis is a manifestation of the latent disease in the body. To identify its prescribed examination, the results of which carried out a comprehensive treatment.

The Reasons For

Indirect causes giperpotlivosti feet are: emotional stress, stress, eating spicy, fried and smoked food, as well as excessive drinking.

direct causes:

  1. Heredity.
  2. Hormonal disorders and infectious diseases.
  3. Physical work load and excessive muscle.
  4. Diseases of the skin (fungus, allergic reactions).
  5. Failure to comply with hygiene rules and use is not appropriate to the type of skin hygiene products.
  6. Shoes - a close, Low quality.

Treatment of plantar hyperhidrosis involves the removal of all direct and indirect causes.

Every day should change socks, tights and shoes dry. Obligatory washing of the feet with soap and rinsing contrast, by drying and powdering with talcum powder.

Drug treatments

Therapies aimed at reducing perspiration stop. they are carried out with the use of traditional and folk medicine.


Antiperspirant and ointments is well regulate the activity of the sweat glands, prevent odor. Given the roughness of the skin stop, antiperspirants better to use a 30-35% concentration of active substance. In case of irritation, as in the photo, used sedatives.

injections botuloksinov

This treatment is considered to be the most effective. The procedure is performed quickly, painless and without side effects. In terms of aesthetics,, efficiency and safety is the best method of treatment giperpotlivosti feet. When injection of botulinum toxin is blocked sweat glands isolation. But to get rid of plantar hyperhidrosis, this procedure can not. Require repeated its holding in 6-12 months.

It should be noted the high cost of the procedure, since for the drug treatment units require more feet. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully consider the choice of clinic, to explore photos and reviews.


This is another method of conservative treatment effect, persist for 6-9 months. During iontophoresis electrocution affect the sweat glands through an aqueous solution. Getting into the skin of the feet, ionized substance blocks sweating. The procedure should be repeated, frequency depends on the degree of disease. cost high.

Operative treatment

When sympathectomy overlap trunks located in the lumbar sympathetic nerves. During operation occluded or destroy nerve fibers, which come to the sweat glands impulses of the nervous system. The effectiveness of surgical treatment of plantar hyperhidrosis high, but not excluded complications. Therefore, this radical method is used then, when conducting any other does not help.

Recipes of traditional medicine

Treat the primary plantar hyperhidrosis can be at home. Athlete's foot odor and help the natural powder, bath, broths. Can supplement their exercise for the feet.

Prysypki Athlete's Foot

Powders support dryness stop, eliminate the bacteria, have a therapeutic effect and deodorizing. Methods of use may be different:

  1. The socks can fill one of the natural deodorants - oak bark, talc, boric acid, starch, alum.
  2. Effective starch mixture with talc 9:1, or a mixture of - salicylic acid, talc, starch in a ratio of 1:3:2.
  3. It is possible to use edible salt and corn starch. Salt eliminate odor, starch will absorb the moisture.
  4. Sprinkle the feet and the fingers can be comminuted into powder of boric acid crystals. Every evening, everything should be washed off with warm water. To disappear the smell of sweat will take several weeks.

Before powdering foot wash soap, wipe off.


At home, the baths help treat giperpotlivost, Skin zagrubeniya stop, calluses and fungus. The procedure improves blood circulation and raising the body tone. Perform better in the evening. Nice to accompany the procedure peeling and foot massage. Recipes for baths:

  1. Contrasting trays made of oak bark decoctions, walnut leaves, oat straw.
  2. Spend ten-manganese (light pink) bath.
  3. Warm baths good conduct of the vine bark decoction Palm, birch, oak, Salt, berries ozhiny before powdering.
  4. destroy bacteria, pull pores and reduce sweating baths help of strong tea. For this: boil 15 minute 2 tea bag in a liter of water and add two more.
  5. podsolit water, wash your feet. Put on the night between the fingers fleece, soaked in a solution of soda. Suffer, if you feel the itch. Sweating will pass through 7 days.


Overcome hyperhidrosis at home, you can use the gym feet. Increased blood flow will allow to normalize the work of the sweat glands stop. Exercise is desirable to carry out a month:

  1. Alternate walking barefoot in sequence - on the outer side of the foot, on fingers, socks inside.
  2. Rotate the foot clockwise direction, then counterclockwise.
  3. Sitting roll it a little ball with the fingers.
  4. Grab your toes and hands are like poluprisev.
  5. Squatting on one left, then on the right foot.
  6. Sev sex, cross your legs in the eastern manner so, to the floor rested upside feet. With his hands on his knees, press them down to the floor. Head and back straight.

Each exercise at home is easy to carry on 10 time, spent all 10 minute.

Timely treatment will allow to cope with the disease easier and less expensive. feet photo with advanced hyperhidrosis confirms insidiousness of the disease and the need for comprehensive treatment in compliance with the basic rules of prevention in the home.

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