Presentation-seminar of Biologique Recherche

24.05.2016 kosmetolori Tornado MG visited presentation-seminar noninjectible cosmetology – "second skin", which was developed during the 10 years French scientists laboratory of Biologique Recherche. The presentation was held with the participation of special guests – Dr. Stefan Lippa and international coach Biologique Recherche – Celia Gratiot.

Provides instant smoothing effect, Removes the signs of aging: shallow and deep wrinkles, accelerates cell renewal and optimizes your healing, tightens and simulates the facial contour, improves skin complexion.

The Uniqueness Of The:

  • On 70% Restores damaged skin and reduces the depth of wrinkles.
  • Unique technology to create nano-fibers of hyaluronic acid on special 3D-printer.
  • In 40 times higher concentration of hyaluronic acid, than any other cosmetic means.

Dr. Stefan Lipp with 2000 He has been working in the field of aesthetic medicine. Being a supporter of minimally invasive techniques, He is a member of the International Association of aesthetic medicine constantly shares his experiences with other doctors around the world, cooperates with a number of clinics in Western and Eastern Europe and Asia, acts as a keynote speaker at international congresses. Working with the University of Salzburg, section of the anatomical, Dr. Lipp is engaged in a constant study of the anatomy of the face. In addition to this, He has devoted much time to the study of autologous donations with their cellular rejuvenation and is a medical consultant leading the German laboratory dendritic and stem cells. Now Dr. Lipp is a leading doctor in the team and Germany Teoxane Biologique Recherche in Paris.

Programme of the seminar:

  • Presentation of professional care "second skin".
  • "Pres- and postoperative treatments from BR».
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