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You probably have lots of questions, who would you like to ask a dietitian. Of course, in matters of, concerning proper nutrition, the possibility of getting rid of excess weight and metabolism better access to specialist, having the relevant knowledge and experience. Predstavlyaem vashemu vnimaniyu answers to the most frequently asked questions, asked a nutritionist, that gives David Heber is a leading American nutritionist. Among them you will find questions about veganstve, basics of nutrition, anti-aging nutrition, overweight, etc..

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David Heber, doctor of medicine, founder and Director of the Center for human nutrition at the University of California

Your primary advice on nutrition in terms of anti-aging medicine?

We are working on the problem of aging and confident, that by reducing the percentage of fat in the body, you can change your biological age-feel and look younger. Therefore, the most important aspects in the anti-age therapy-appropriate diet and an active lifestyle.

Many nutritionists recommend abandon flour and drink at least 2 l of water per day. These are the basics of good nutrition?

Most people really drink a little water. Hence the slags in organism, fatigue, and other health issues. I recommend drinking at least six to eight glasses of pure water a day. With regard to the fundamentals of good nutrition, that, in the first place, it bounces off fatty foods, for example, Pizza, roasted potatoes, assorted cakes and pastries. Replace them with natural and healthy fats-marine fish, vegetable oil, nuts. Secondly, eat foods with high protein and low fat-lean chicken or Turkey, bean, cottage cheese. When the body gets a normal portion of protein, It gives us the opportunity to make the right decisions on the selection of other products. But the deficit you are experiencing a sense of lack of saturation and ready “eat anything else” -fast food, snacks, sweets. From muffin choose wholegrain flour products.

What do you think about monodietam, in particular the protein?

Over the past 40 years published thousands of books with diets, However,, obesity epidemic progresses. The problem is that, that they are not personalized. The same goes for the protein diet. In 1973 year it was found: man needs about daily 0,8 g protein per 1 kg body weight. But my research revealed, the norm of a protein depends on the amount of muscle mass. For example, his athletes need more-from 1 to 2 g 1 kg body weight, because the muscles are built from protein. So, the amount of protein in the diet should depend on its quantity in the body, rather than from body gross weight. That is why the question of diet important-an individual approach.

It is important to the quality of protein?

Ideal protein-egg. However, soy and milk, too, have a high biological value and are considered on 100% quality, but lactose is digested, not everyone. By the way, to improve the quality of protein, combine products. For example, apply for a side dish to the steak dish of beans or corn.

Veganism, in your opinion, not harmful to health?

In General, vegetarian diets are not harmful. However, their radical types must be treated seriously. If you're vegan or syroed, take vitamin and mineral supplements, and monitor the amount of protein in the diet. However, the danger of any diet that, half that weight loss comes at the expense of protein. Only by controlling its contents, You can protect muscles and primarily the myocardium. I believe the best option poluvegetarianskuû diet. It allows to eat fish, dairy products and eggs. But each of us is an individual organism, and, before you go on a diet, consult your doctor.

How to determine, is there a person overweight? And is it possible to diagnose obesity when average total body weight?

All often are based on rate, called the body mass index, is the ratio of weight in kilograms to the growth, expressed in metres. If the above 25, It is believed, that excess weight, above 30 – obesity. However, there are people, that look doesn't look complete, but in their increased body fat content. I recommend measuring body fat index, rather than weight, and then draw conclusions.

How to determine body fat percentage?

A special apparatus, who carries out the analysis of bioelectric resistance. It flows through the body weak electric current through mathematical formula determines the amounts of lean muscle mass, percentage of fat content, In addition to, and the amount of protein. Muscles more than half consists of water and electrically conductive, a fat-no. Built on this diagnosis. There are other ways to: x-ray, ultrasonic, water (detects fat mass by submersion speed), using sealed Chambers (in terms of the volume of the displaced air man). There are also scales, you just get up, and they show the percentage of body fat, but this result is not quite accurate. The most reliable method is the first. It is important to, the machine had no less than four contact points, including the hands and feet.

What weight and shape you consider ideal for health?

You can focus on the waist circumference indicators. For women 80 cm-a problem, and for men-from 92 cm. However, each of us knows its optimum shape. The main thing is to maintain prudence. Wanting to lose weight there is nothing wrong, but often, women, already having obtained some result, want to lose weight even more and can harm your health, trying to achieve the impossible shapes.

Is it possible to reduce the risk of cancer, eating a certain way?

In people with overweight and obesity risks increased. In my book “What color is your diet” discusses the different substances, paint products in one or another color. And there is evidence, some of them contribute to the prevention of Oncology. Among them are, for example, lycopene, that gives the red color of tomatoes. Similar action have substance, included in green tea and fish oil. Moreover, We watched, that the intestinal flora of humans with obesity, and it they have unhealthy, as weight loss improves markedly, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.

How many times a day you need to eat?

Not less than four. Sorry, Now we often eat alone. All are too busy, to leisurely eat together with the family. Breakfast schedule, lunch and dinner ceases to exist, and it is not consistent with the principles proper nutrition.

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