Constant fatigue and poor sleep is possible signs of autoimmune thyroiditis

Endocrine diseases, and especially , most commonly diagnosed not immediately, because early symptoms resemble ordinary fatigue. Thyroiditis can have different shapes, because it happens due to, for example, Postpartum thyroid dysfunction or taking certain medications, triggered by external adverse factors. Nonetheless, early detection of thyroiditis helps timely take control of this disease and prevent the destruction of the thyroid gland, development of other complications.

What is an autoimmune thyroiditis

The essence of autoimmune thyroiditis is to develop chronic inflammation of the thyroid tissue, When the destruction of its follikullârnyh cells. Inflammation develops due to the active penetration in thyroid parenchyma of t-lymphocytes and their growing number of. The antibodies destroy the structure gradually gland, violate its functions, which greatly reduced the production of thyroid hormones and develops hypothyroidism.

Thyroiditis can develop after birth, because the, that during pregnancy the immune system was to a certain extent, suppression, and then it occurred redundant reactivation. In this form of the disease may eventually recover the function of the thyroid gland, Although happens and move to destructive form. A similar period and forecast has cytokine-induced form of thyroiditis, that happens due to taking drugs in connection with certain blood diseases or hepatitis.

Autoimmune thyroiditis is usually has several phases of flow-èutireoidnuû (that may well reach a lifetime), Sub-clinical, tireotoksičeskuû, gipotreoidnuû under the form of manifestation of the disease happens:

  • dormant-no clinical symptoms,
  • Hypertrophic-increase the size of the thyroid gland,
  • atrofičeskoe-hypothyroidism on clinical grounds.

Autoimmune thyroiditis may have a hereditary nature, When multiple family members ill hypothyroidism, especially in combination with other autoimmune diseases.

Why can develop autoimmune thyroiditis

Although autoimmune thyroiditis develops when a hereditary predisposition, all the same, to disease manifested, We need certain adverse factors, which action will provoke its development. Such factors may be:

  • strong stress, psihotravmiruûŝie situation;
  • migrated severe diseases, especially viral and infectious;
  • the presence in the body of the hotbeds of chronic infection (tonsillitis, dental caries);
  • prolonged and uncontrolled use of hormonal preparations, iodine-containing means;
  • prolonged excessive insolation;
  • unfavourable Ecology with excess content of fluorine in water and food, iodine.

And development for autoimmune thyroiditis in the initial stages of almost asymptomatic: the thyroid gland does not hurt, does not increase in size, its functions are not violated. Later when the doctor rassprosah patient may indicate the emergence of joint pain, fast fatigue, occasionally-feeling coma throat.

If we are talking about tireoidite, razvivchemsa after childbirth, its manifestations usually begin about two weeks later after the child's arrival: woman feels fatigue, sleep disturbance, weakness-and usually writes off those manifestations of fatigue in connection with caring for a toddler. Occasionally postpartum thyroiditis can cause more severe symptoms of tachycardia, feeling the heat and increased sweating, tremor of the hands, and also be combined with postpartum depression.

Features of diagnosis and therapy of autoimmune thyroiditis

When diagnosing autoimmune thyroiditis, it is important to evaluate the following criteria of the disease: signs of thyroid gipoèhogennosti (the ultrasound study), primary hypothyroidism, as well as increasing Al-TVE. If at least one of these criteria is missing, the diagnosis autoimmune thyroiditis can be just as likely, but not accurate.

Specific treatment of autoimmune thyroiditis yet, adjust pathology so, to thyroiditis not progressed toward hypothyroidism, until almost cannot. If the same process yet reached hypothyroidism, is assigned to hormone replacement therapy, When combined with subacute thyroiditis is recommended by glucocorticoids. If autoimmune tireoidite thyroid šipertrofiâ occurs with pressure on the mediastinum, conduct surgery.

Prognosis is favorable, timely detected by immune tireoidite and constant monitoring of the patient can control the functions of the thyroid gland, in time to take action and prevent its destruction.

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