Popular methods of non-surgical facelift threads

As long as you can keep youth person dreams almost every woman. And tools for this missing. One of them is in modern cosmetology . We have already told you about the two kinds of threads. Today we continue to acquaint you with other kinds of these products.

Lifting of threads “Happy lift”

Threads “Happy lift” -absorbable, made of polidiaksona and processed polylactic acid. Similarly, Aptos threads, We talked last time, the wires there are notches. Single thread thickness approximately twice as much hair.

Polidiakson resolved within 6-9 months, but due to acid, which it is processed, around the threads of the fibrous capsule is formed and even about half a year performs the function of suspenders threads.

Non surgical face lift threads “Happy lift” is done, to eliminate the risk of generalization of infection and other inflammatory reactions.

Advantages of suspenders threads “Happy lift” is:

  • Biodegradiruemost′. After, as threads dissipates, in the body is left with foreign substances.

The cons can be attributed:

  • Little validity. Moreover, that thread yourself dissipates, the notches weaken them more, than decrease the validity of suspenders.

Conditions of and rehabilitation time

The procedure for installing threads for braces takes a little more half an hour and under local anesthesia. The rehabilitation will take between a week and ten days. Duration approximately one and a half-two years.

Threads for braces “Tissulift”

In the mid 90-ies of the plastic surgeon from Bulgaria Nikolay Cerda invented its own technology the non surgical facelift threads.

This type of facelift threads based on rassasyvaûŝihsâ no wires. For making this thread used three material: polyamide, silicone and polyurethane. All these materials will not cause rejection reactions. Have such a thread in a loop, which tightens and holds a certain area of the skin.

Unlike other technologies-surgical braces in this method the yarn krepjat directly to bone structures. Doctors note, that this procedure could provide an excellent prevention of age-related changes, If a facelift to 40 years.

To the pluses suspenders threads “Tissulift” can be attributed:

  • eliminating most manifestations of PTOSIS on face;
  • the possibility of increasing the malar area;
  • the possibility of lifting the lip, corner of the eye and eyebrow;
  • lasting effect from the procedure;
  • ease of removal smooth strands when problems arise, without injury to the skin and tissue.

Cons of threads “Tissulift”:

  • the procedure you need to make cuts;
  • Perhaps the appearance of giperkorrekcii, that can last up to two months.

Conditions of and time reabelitacii

The procedure for tightening the threads “Tissulift” may be carried out under local, and under general anesthesia. The number and type of anaesthesia depends on the location and amount of tightening zone.

Rehabilitation after the procedure takes place in two weeks. When this effect after it can persist for up to four years.

The popularity of the non surgical facelift threads all the time increases. And are interested in it not only patients, but plastic surgeons. Today help threads for suspenders cosmetology can only, who observed slight tissue protrude. For others, this option is painfully short-lived. But plastic surgery is constantly evolving, and perhaps, non-surgical facelift soon will deal with more serious problems.

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