Why exfoliate nails?

Bundle of nails is an unpleasant problem. It causes a lot of inconvenience: nails cling to clothes, varnish on them lasts not long, cause painful and ugly look. With such a problem faced not only men, but women. But, the question of aesthetics, This is already the second case. Bundle nail plate is also the first Bell, that organism something missing or you are not very carefully treat your hands. Let's polûbopytstvuem, Why exfoliate nails? How to solve the issue of unsightly nails?

Why exfoliate nails?

Studying this question, We found, that the problem lies not only nails the bundles in the internal, but external factors. By their appearance, you can determine the overall condition of the human body.

Here are some possible reasons for the poor state of the nail plate:

  • Inner health factor. Lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body leads to brittle nails. But not only the lack of calcium, as it is considered, affect this problem. Also may be in short supply selenium, zinc, Silicon and sulfur. No Silicon-no elasticity, No Selena-nail plate thins, no sulfur-suffering from the smoothness of the nail. Also the condition of the nails can be a reflection of internal diseases: Liver, DIGESTIVE TRACT, Kidney, thyroid gland, hormonal disruptions.
  • External factor health. Also plate nails is associated with fungal infections. Bundle nail plate, fractures, the loss of healthy color, even an unpleasant smell is fungal disease symptoms.
  • The wrong nail care. When you are caring for your nails, do manicure, close to keep strictly perpendicular to the working surface. Not otgibajte nail. If nails exfoliate-do not use metal close, She's too tough. The thinner nail plate, the smaller should be the spraying of a nail.
  • The destruction of water and detergents. Part of modern detergents, for the most part, leaves much to be desired. Constituent chemical compounds are very aggressive and destroy your nails. Even the water from the tap, at constant contact, can affect the nail plate, make it soft and brittle.
  • Harmful varnish. Poor quality of cosmetic products, in particular, Nail Polish, too is the cause of this problem. Use nail polish remover with acetone content also doesn't bring them health. Do not abuse the frequent change of colours of varnish.
  • Household injuries. Often we use nails as a scraper or screwdriver. As a result of which they are in a State of stress. Don't hurt your nails, and they will stop Stratify.

Treatment of bundles of nails at home

If your nails are in a deplorable state, There is a possibility to treat them at home:

  • Add additional meals for nails. This may be cosmetic oils or cuticle cream. Rub in the growth area of the nail and cuticle. Funds themselves and accompanying them to massage to improve blood circulation, and the nail will be healthy and strong.
  • Make it a habit to carry out domestic cleaning works in rubber gloves. This will give a long and healthy life for your nails.
  • The fortress of nail can add baths with sea salt. Take this procedure, three days a week and firm nails will not keep you waiting.
  • Use medicated varnishes for brittle nails. They will create a protective film and nourish the nail vitamins.
  • You can try a cosmetic procedure "sealing" the nail, When the nail layer applied vitamins, micronutrients and protein. Substances, caused in this way, for a long time remain inside and nourish the plate.
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If the above remedies do not have proper exposure, You should see a doctor. Perhaps, the problem lies deep within the body, and must pass a number of surveys.

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