Why and how aging skin

— interesting multifactor process, the description of which is devoted to a huge amount of material on the net. Let's try to understand it without the scientific complexities. There are a dozen more or less well-founded theories of Cellular Aging.

To quickly understand, as the skin ages, need to represent its device.

Age-related changes in the middle layer of the skin

All the structural elements of the building are created by cells. These cells are slightly different, but for simplicity, let's call them all fibroblasts, as it has in itself no traditionally do strictly scientific literature on Cosmetology. Fibroblasts pose (synthesize) Collagen fibers, hyaluronic acid and other components of the skin. And all of these components need to periodically review and synthesize anew — any molecule every few days, some times in a few weeks. If this is not done, structural molecules gradually damaged — free radicals, ultraviolet light, toxins, etc., and stop working. Therefore, the upgrade process does not stop, While the organism lives.

With age, the fibroblasts begin to slow the rate of synthesis of structural molecules. Why this happens is not fully clear yet.

Imagine, the House should be repaired. Every five years — easy redecorating, ten times — major. If you do everything on time, as expected — the building will stand happily ever after. And if you tighten the repair? Or instead of a refurbished to carry out cosmetic? Under the influence of the Sun, temperature changes, vital activity of tenants, etc.. construction of the building crumble. The same thing happens with skin.

Старение кожи: коллагеновый каркас в разном возрасте

For example, Collagen fibers provide mechanical strength to the skin. Skin all the time exposed to mechanical stress. Smile or nahmurivanie put her, trying to break down collagen frame, gravity pulls the cheeks, Chin or eyebrows down, etc.. But while plenty of collagen fibers — nothing breaks down and does not stretch. They are like rebar in reinforced concrete, only flexible. To withstand the load plate, valves should be kept at a rate of. And if its lay less? The results we see on the fourth-fifth ten years. Fibroblasts decrease the rate of synthesis of collagen, and it becomes less, the spaces between the fibers — valves more. And at some point they do not withstand load. Wrinkles appear in places familiar facial movements is forehead, the bridge of the nose, around the eyes and mouth. Cheeks and Chin are starting to crawl down under the influence of gravity — the infamous gravity PTOSIS.

With hyaluronic acid still worse. Fibroblasts synthesize it, and it is live. It's such a nutritious jelly, which is good and comfortable. Reducing the production of gialuronki, fibroblasts make worse — their operation was hampered by the, they become harder to work on and again they reduce the production of. Creates a vicious vicious circle.

With the rest of the skin around the same story.


All major components of the skin produced by special cells-fibroblasts. The manifestations of aging skin mainly relate to, that age fibroblasts slow down synthesis of its products.

The Suppression of these processes is devoted the lion's share of the effort of cosmetologists. In the course is and Mesotherapy with biorevitalization, and peels, and filament lifting and increasingly complex and expensive machines.

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