Why do children suffer in summer?

Many people mistakenly believe, that in the summer heat viral diseases the children suffer because of, that cold drinking water and are under conditioned. In fact, viral diseases caused by viruses, which are typical for the summer period.

evidence “summer” viral diseases

Of the viral diseases, from which children suffer more often in the summer, there are three:

rotavirus, or, as it is called, intestinal flu. This disease occurs most often. It is manifested by vomiting, diarrhea and fever.

enterovirus infection. These diseases may manifest fever and abdominal pain. It is also a symptom of enterovirus can be rash, or “mouth-hand-foot”, so figuratively called these symptoms. In this case, a rash appears on the palms, soles and around the mouth.

Gerpangina - the viral nature of the disease, which is caused by the herpes virus type 6. Gerpangina rarer, than the previous two diseases, children get sick this viral disease in summer and winter. It manifests high temperature, which is held for three days, sore throat. In this case,, if you look in the throat, you can see the bubbles, like herpes. These bubbles eventually opened to form surfaces erosive, causing severe pain in the throat. Many confuse with the usual gerpanginu streptococcal sore throat (bacterial disease, caused by the hit to the oral cavity when loosening immunity Streptococcus), which is treated with antibiotics.

Why do children suffer in summer?

Most often, children become ill with viral diseases in the summer to travel, in hotels, in children's rooms, basins, in places, where contact with large numbers of children (especially from other countries). usually a child, when he goes to kindergarten or school, contacted with the same children, in collectives, which has already formed a certain collective immunity. At the same trips, especially abroad, gather children from different countries, each of which can bring out their different viruses. At the same time the virus in another country our children have no immunity. For example, in our latitudes common rotavirus 16th, 18-And type it 22, and if the child is infected with rotavirus another type, the disease is more severe. The aircraft is also easy to catch a virus, especially if it's a long flight, because people are in a confined space. Children are often infected in the pool, if swallowed water. The beach can also be the source of viruses. Sea water, as a rule, It has a disinfecting effect, but air at a high temperature disinfecting effect of the seawater is reduced, and in the sea can also be infected with a viral infection.

First aid and treatment

If the child has symptoms, listed above, Give him an antipyretic and consult a doctor. The doctor will determine, the child has a viral sore throat or classic, rotavirus or enterovirus distinguish from the ordinary poisoning or bacterial infection. If the child has intense diarrhea and vomiting, doctor will decide, requires hospitalization or whether a child can be left at home. It is not necessary to self-medicate: since most of the summer of intestinal viruses character, the symptoms, vomiting and diarrhea, fraught with child dehydration.

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