The innovative technique is regeneration by growth factors, getting from your blood.
Our blood – It's a real fountain of youth and energy. No wonder the legendary Count Dracula used this miraculous elixir for eternal life. And, most recently, the literary myth almost became a reality of our time and has found expression in the method, named PLAZMOTERAPIEJ, received the wide recognition of leading foreign and Ukrainian clinics. Today this method is officially certified and allowed for use by Ministry of health of Ukraine. Such techniques are about 20 years are used in various fields of medicine: for wound healing after deep Burns, to improve metabolism and increase immunity, at trichology hair transplant. t. e.
The procedure is quite simple. In the clinic, you will take a little blood, that seems like a normal testing. Then the blood is centrifuged by a specially developed scheme, and in the end, We get a plasma, the rich own platelets. It is in those cells are hidden the enormous restoration resources. The Resulting “the elixir of youth” introduce Mesotherapy to problem areas and skin immediately Gets a powerful impetus for renewal and regeneration. A solid frame of the skin of the biologically active threads, that is filled with fibers of collagen, intercellular matrix and the newly formed blood vessels. So, start mechanismphysiological rejuvenation and qualitative improvement of the skin. And the next day the skin starts to radiate new vitality.
The advantage of this method in the following:platelets are the growth factor, but, Unlike stem cells, they are native blood cells, that makes the process highly efficient and safe at the same time.
The specialists of our medical center based on our research lab have perfected this method. Plasma lifting is performed on a specially designed Protocol, that helps keep the qualitative and quantitative content of platelets in plasma for a longer time, and the efficiency of procedures. An average course consists of 3-4 the normal procedures 1 Once a month. The same proven, the plasma is going to impact not only on the level of the skin, but is the improvement of Exchange processes, improving immune defense, regeneration processes at the level of the whole organism. As a result,, We get full and absolute security, minimum time and maximum results.
Currently, mortality from cardiovascular diseases are the second highest in the world: the reason for this – fatal heart attacks and strokes. Moreover, such severe disease often lead to disability, limitation of social adaptation of patients.
Challenge our experts-Cardiology: -early identification of risk factors for cardiovascular disease and developing effective individual schemes for prevention; high-quality diagnosis and modern treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system:
  • hypertensive disease,
  • various forms of secondary hypertension,
  • coronary heart disease,
  • arrhythmias and conduction,
  • malformations of the heart and blood vessels,
  • chronic heart failure,
  • prolapse of the mitral valve.
  • metabolic disorder (metabolic diseases)
  • weight problems
  • ateroskleratičeskie changes
The tasks can be fully addressed in our multidisciplinary clinic !
In our clinic , the following cardiac research laboratory:
  • Definition of kardioriska (lipid spectrum, fasting glucose);
  • Study on blood coagulation (coagulogram);
  • Complete blood count (hemoglobin level, the number of red blood cells, platelets, markers of inflammation);
  • Definition of elektrolitnogo of blood (Mg , Ca , etc.);
  • The determination of indicators of kidney (creatinine, urea, K , Na , General clinical urine test, analysis of urine by nechiporenko method, on the General).
At the Department of functional diagnostics is carried out: ECG in 12 leads with subsequent computer processing and the ability to monitor the recording within minutes;
Daily monitoring of arterial pressure (a study to determine the blood pressure circadian rhythm, pressure reduction during night sleep and other important for prognosis and therapy selection indicators of HELL).
In Office diagnostic ultrasound led doctors with many years of experience in the field of:
  • Ultrasound study of the heart.
  • Kidney research Ul′tazvukovogo, adrenal;
  • Tripleksnogo scan of the great vessels with the presence and size of atherosclerotic plaques;
  • Thyroid ultrasound.
If there is evidence, cardiologist will guide you to our top doctors of various specialties:
  • Assessment of ocular fundus in hypertension and symptomatic arterial hypertension (the oculist);
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Microcirculation (nutrition) brain, as an expression of ischemic brain disease and hypertension (neurologist);
  • Exception of secondary forms of hypertension and renal Genesis (urologist), against the background of the menopausal syndrome (gynecologist-endocrinologist), dyshormonal changes (endocrinologist);
  • Coping with risk factors of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease (Endocrinologist and diabetologist);
  • The identification and correction of possible side effects in the long-term therapy of cardiac diseases (gastroenterologist).
If you occasionally bothered by pain in the heart "or" burning "in the sternum, "disruptions" in the work of the heart, or do you sometimes unmotivated weakness, increased fatigue, a sense of lack of air, or frequent headaches, dizziness, episodes of high blood pressure – consult your cardiologist, because early diagnosis and preventive measures will prevent the development of disease and the emergence of serious complications.
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