Peeling Džessnera is an effective procedure to cleanse the skin

Chemical peel is one of the most popular modern skin care treatments. Many visitors are accessing for the first time, beauty cabinets specialists for this procedure, with chemical peeling requires specialist knowledge and skills. Learn, why this peeling is so popular among patients, How is this procedure and what skin care required after it.

Protocol procedures and benefits of peeling Džessnera

Džessnera peeling is sparing combined chemical peeling, that effectively cleanses, improves its appearance and properties.

Gentle Exfoliating is determined by the active components, that approximately equal amounts included in its composition.

Lactic acid in pilingovom composition has expressed Exfoliating and anti-inflammatory effect, and also stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and moisturizing factor. Salicylic acid contributes to the sluŝivaniû cells of the epidermis, and resorcinol effectively disinfects the skin.

Peeling Džessnera:

  • Protocol superficial and median peeling Džessnera;
  • the benefits of exfoliating before Džessnera other chemical peelings;
  • recommendations to the patient after conducting peeling Džessnera.

Protocol superficial and median peeling Džessnera

Džessnera peeling can be used by Cosmeticians as superficial or median peeling. Protocol of the procedure in the first case, the following: on the treated area is applied one coat of pilingovogo composition, then immediately carried out the necessary postpilingovye measures. So, eliminates the superficial cosmetic skin defects, improves its elasticity and terrain, increases the moisture level of the skin. The median peeling involves drawing three layers of Peel mixture at intervals 5 minute. Each layer is applied to the skin to 30-120 seconds, and then wash off. Mid-peeling Džessnera gives you the ability to remove wrinkles, Pigmented spots and visible scars on the skin.

The benefits of exfoliating before Džessnera other chemical peelings

Peeling Džessnera so popular among patients èstetistov, because it has several advantages over other chemical peelings:

  • peeling is safe for the skin of the patient even if applying several layers of pilingovogo composition;
  • the patient's skin cleared rapidly and completely painless;
  • exfoliate skin cells occurs evenly over the whole surface;
  • the procedure can be shown patients at any age and can be used to cleanse the skin anywhere on the body;
  • immediately after the Peel Džessnera the patient can resume his normal activities.

Recommendations to the patient after conducting peeling Džessnera

Special skin care after spending peeling Džessnera needed to achieve the maximum effect of the procedure and its long-term preservation. The specialist must give the patient the necessary recommendations:

  • It is strictly forbidden to remove crust, that appear after spending peeling;
  • It is not recommended to use a make-over 5-6 days after the procedure;
  • wash warm water must be used, as well as moisturizing gels and foams, clear skin you want to very carefully;
  • When entering the street you must apply sunscreen.

Peeling Džessnera is an effective and safe chemical peels, that helps to improve the appearance and properties of the skin of the patients totally different age.

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