The first Ukrainian Congress of private medicine» (VIDEO)

20-22 October 2015 year in KyivExpoPlaza Exhibition Center hosted the first Ukrainian Congress of private medicine-a new level of platform for professionals of the market of private medical services, to organize professional dialogue with regulatory authorities, find solutions to problematic issues, arising in the conduct of private medical practice, help build a successful management process in the context of the reorganization of the medical industry and facilitate the adaptation of foreign experience.

The aim of the event is to consolidate the owners and managers of health institutions, Chief physicians and their alternates, health managers to share experiences, acquiring new knowledge and skills, familiarize yourself with the latest trends and news of private medicine.

The first Ukrainian Congress of private medicine is:
• international experience, adapted to modern realities;
• popular business model;
• real-life examples of crisis management;
• practical cases;
• effective marketing strategies;
• hot tips on promotion and found on the medical services market;
• recent legislative initiatives;
• business proposals from foreign sector professionals;
• Professional consultations.

Главный врач Ирма Андреева приняла участие с докладом о современных методах работы Tornado MG в Первом Украинском конгрессе “Private medicine”.

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