Permanent make-up

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Permanent make-up (tattoo)

  • emphasize or correct the shape and color of eyebrows, lips and give brightness and expressive eyes.
  • allows you to completely replace the conventional cosmetics. This is very important for the modern woman, who wants to look good or for those, who is allergic to cosmetic products.
  • it's almost tattoo, but the dye is introduced not so deep, if tattoo ink penetrates deep into the skin 2-3 mm, then the permanent make-up on 0,8-1,5 mm. Given the, that the cells of skin on the face updated several times faster, than other areas of the body, several years appears to dye the skin surface and leaches. Therefore, permanent make-up (tattoo) can be updated at will or in accordance with the age-related changes.

Aesthetic dermapigmentatsiya– help correct small defects of skin pigmentation (vitiligo, scarring, striae)

Artistic tattoo– a huge selection of sketches, exclusive approach, guarantee the highest quality.

Temporary henna tattoo bio-– drawings on the body, imitation tattoo

Removal of poor quality tattoos and permanent make-up– Laser technology allows you to remove poor-quality tattoo and permanent make-up without damaging the skin: without depigmented scars and blemishes.

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