Not afraid of Papilloma: treatment of anogenital warts

Treatment of anogenital warts for a physician associated with the additional need to provide psychological support for the patient. In our society, it is widely believed, that human papilloma virus infection through sexual means almost certain to develop cancer. If you add in this rather unpleasant feeling of genital warts and warts on the genitals, that prevents normal sexual life, You can understand, that patient, come for the treatment of anogenital warts, the status is the strongest psychological stress. Ill be sure to explain, What warts and condylomata are treatable, with full recovery it is possible for several months.

What scared patients in the treatment of anogenital warts

Anogenital warts treatment for many patients is fraught with serious psychological trauma. On the one hand, It is not easy for them to become accustomed to the idea that, that they have detected the disease, sexually transmitted. For the doctor happens to be important to explain sexual partners, that the presence of a disease does not mean, someone of them had sexual relations outside marriage. Just human papilloma virus, Once released into the body, may not be for a very long time. On the other hand, many believe, papillomavirus that become an obstacle for, to get pregnant. Very much fear causing possible papillomavirus onkogennost′, Therefore each emerged on the genitals wart is perceived by the patient as the beginning of a tumor.

There are still a lot of fear on the part of the patient, leading it into a terrible state of psychosomatic. In addition to this there are very unpleasant symptoms disease, violation of full sexual relations. Therefore, the task of the doctor, In addition to therapeutic appointments, is also necessary to encourage patient, explain him all about favorable prognosis and treatment characteristics.

Especially the treatment of anogenital warts in every patient

Treatment of anogenital warts is chosen for each patient depending on the manifestations of disease, the number of lesions, the extent of damage to the skin and mucous membranes, as well as the characteristics of the organism. The patient will need to notify, the disease often recurs, but Stojko remission and even cure it is possible.

The doctor chooses medical or hardware therapy, Sometimes they can be a combination of. Among the hardware methods used:

  • kriodestrukciû,
  • laser therapy,
  • radiovolnovuû surgery.

Sorry, sometimes on the border of treated and untreated areas can develop new rashes, Although after a few sessions, for example, cryotherapy, the effectiveness of treatment of anogenital warts is increased.

Drug treatment is performed by drawing on isolated elements of trichloroacetic acid, podofillotoksina derivatives or solkoderma. But patients usually can not tolerate this kind of therapy because of its pain. Treatment of anogenital warts is carried out in an integrated manner with the appointment of immunostimulatory and antiviral drugs.

Patients need to explain, How to properly handle the wound surface, give a written explanation for the development of the disease, treatment and prognosis, possible complications, explain the probability of relapse.

It is very important to remind women, regular cytology, examination of the cervix, renting the necessary analyses after treatment of anogenital warts minimizes the risk of cancer.

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