Injecting patient reminder

While protokol′nosti medicine – your specific clinical situation is unique. Enough to understand, What if you objectively something bothering, a doctor has progovarival possible postprocedurnoe for, It is best to contact the administrator of the clinic or doctor and describe clearly, better without emotions, its problem, ask a question and be able to send actual photos in good quality, If you are really worried something specific. In 99% cases – This turns out to be a false alarm, but this 1% includes the development of severe complications and simply unwanted phenomena, in case of requiring prompt action.

1) Write exciting questions/doubts/rumors/myths/anxiety and all ask for consultations before the procedure.

2) Answer questions do you take any medicines clearly. Do not hope for memory, take a picture of all my jars miracle vitamins and packaging of medicines, If they “because of the Hill” – take the picture compositions.

3) Binding to the menstrual cycle, in my subjective view, not so important, But if you know for a some features, and transfer procedure with injecting days X cannot be, The warn doctors, that during PMS you like biting and sob. I, By the way, now no kidding. Life story.
All these rules “aggressive blood”, both liked to say my driving instructor.

4) After the procedure, don't take pictures yourself front camera phone every 15 seconds. The picture varies greatly, and here is the swelling and growing hematoma can greatly spoil your mood.

5) Symmetry. Ideally,, After the procedure, the picture should be perfect, But if asymmetry dmg was expressed and you with the doctor intended to – her skorregirovat′, then take the measure face štangel′cirkulem. Let will be held a few days after the procedure and leave Posttraumatic edema.

6) All recommendations about bath, Solarium, alcohol – This is not a bureaucracy, and caring for your health. Each procedure has its own little some limitations and assignment postprocedurnomu care.

7) Assigning support creams and serum after injection therapy, the doctor doesn't want to vycyganit′ you have the extra couple of dozen rubles. Professionally selected funds contribute to sound stream postprocedurnogo period, improve the result and profilaktiruût development of adverse events.

8) Visiting of the stomatologist plan to lip correction, the middle third of the face and facial soft tissue augmentation. Dentists – wonderful guys, but they are not very gently and guarantee, that will not warp and offset filler, they cannot. I'm talking about deadlines 1-2-3 days after cosmetic correction.

9) Do not evaluate intermediate result.
If you are concerned about: pain, Blue, numbness in the introduction, formation of bubbles, rash of obscure origin – contact urgently a doctor.

10) Think joyfully, don't demand the impossible from ourselves and doctor.
Internet, Facebook and Instagram scored pages craftswomen, which inexpensive “1 dice (1 milliliter) the drug” create unthinkable lovely lips “JOLIE”, sometimes with red lipstick and glitter. These accounts fully, multiplying community to expose mošennic. Well, in a Word, “does opium for the people”.

Be beauty – It is perfectly, but still it is better to be healthy beauty, and even better to be healthy and still know, that any “ulučšatel′stva” – This process. And to receive pleasure from the process and, including.

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