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Good afternoon!
I'm your long-time and regular customer. When I hear the word "Tornado listen!"Once it becomes easier, it is very important for the patient, when they listen and hear. So it happened that I needed help.
Dear Yuri A.! I do not even doubt, that assistance will be provided in a professional and tactful approach to my age ( and I 79) and a whole bunch of diseases. Dear Yuri A. heartfelt gratitude to you for your timely - the assistance provided. Thank you very much, Stay in the same charming, competent, with a great desire to help! Take a heartfelt thanks from my family. We wish you and your family good health, wellbeing, success in your noble cause. You present the doctor in a white coat!!! Stay the same! The team can be proud of you! And do you have a light ray! Yes, right: it nurses Yulichka. As always, inviting my Sonechko! Thank you for all that you are able to perform and! Although the veins in my terrible, thank you dear, you have everything always work, My family is grateful to you. We wish you health and fulfillment of all desires! Mother's thank you!! And let at a meeting with you our hearts beat in unison!
Oleg Nikolaevich - Cardiology thanks! Low bow! you are real! And may God meet you!
Regards Yaryga P. X.

He was a specialist in Botox and filling in lips. lips made, but did not have enough material, money I also did not have enough for all. Dali is now in debt every month call and Teasing!!! Why the doctor so sold, it would be better not being finished dose!!!!
tornado Mэdikal – this place, where a friendly and welcoming atmosphere ,a very wide range of medical aesthetic and cosmetic services, and a very high quality and professional service. The clinic employs only competent and highly qualified specialists, also love their work and customers. I do not serviced once in the clinic, and I say this with knowledge of the matter. I respect, We can say more; I fell in love with those who've served and with whom to communicate. And I feel reciprocity. Now I know where to go for beauty and health. Yours Larisa.
Today was the MP Tornado on the nail correction and surgery to remove a piece of the nail plastiny.Vrachi no doubt experts in their delu.Vsem advise those who have health problems to visit the clinic!!!!!!!!
The first time I was in the clinic Tornado 5 years ago, He makes the laser resurfacing of the face. Later 5 years, I again came to Ukraine, and the first thing came to the clinic Tornado Beauty.
Here took very welcome, the entire staff paid attention and took care of my comfort. I took a course “Weight loss for 2 weeks”, which includes massage, wraps and hardware techniques.
Also, I had a course of several procedures of functional kinetic foot massage. Now I feel an incredible lightness in the legs.
Here in New York there is a level clinics.
Thank you to all specialists TORNADO MG!!!
Fedorova Lyubov Nikolaevna
During all this time, I know honey. Centre “Tornado”, A lot has changed, except the direction of the center's activities, namely, provide the necessary and possible assistance to its clients in a complete and timely assistance, I felt it myself. And the correct diagnosis, which was delivered by the Director General Sergei Konstantinovich center Garmash, with a capital letter-General ( I personally call it genius),and direction in Oncology Dispensary, which confirmed the diagnosis of Sergey Konstantinovich, where surgery to remove a malignant tumor was made, and post-operative treatment , including long-term chemotherapy, He and the entire center with its magnificent head physician Irinoy Igorevnoy, and the entire staff starting with a welcoming reception Galina, always have had and to give all possible assistance to all, who appeals to them. And I want to really thank Sergey K., and Irina I. for help and not only a professional, and another material ( charitable) assistance in carrying out operations and acquisition of necessary chemotherapy drugs, ( after the first operation in 2004 g. and chemotherapy, after which even gave the forecast 3-5 Max. years of life, but only in 2014 g. It began relapse, and it has been made 9 operation ( 31.07.2017) for the last 3 year), I'm still alive and I will live, thanks to the wonderful people, Sergei K., and Irina I.. And may God bless you and helps you and protects you, as you like and helps its clients, and I think , that is shared with me many of these customers are medical center and I think customers will appreciate the future, because the activities at the center of many, and everything needed for their. Good luck and prosperity to you and your offspring "Medical groups Tornado".
With respect and gratitude the immeasurable,Pavel Petrovich.
I want to thank the cosmetician Tatiana Vladimirovna, for its perfect operation, master just the upper class!I recommend it to all of its!
On the whole,, good clinic, pleasant staff, really liked the administrator on the second floor, always polite, help, It reminds recording.
Thank you very much! with respect, your klienka.
I signed up for a pedicure. I had to cancel the call appearance. Then I ventured a question about the work I was able to arrive on time but the place was already busy!!! I at one time also came ... Bardak!!!Do not hold the place for regular customers!
I go to the cleaning of the face to the beautician Vera Block. I like her approach, it does everything very carefully, He asks about my feelings during the procedure, Pick up the correct tools, as I have oily skin, moreover, sensitive and prone to allergies. I'm happy with the result, rashes much less, especially if you go regularly, and do not forget to care for at home skin.
Regards, Ekaterina
I would like to express my deep gratitude to and respect for the company "Tornado" founders Garmash SK. and Andreeva I.I.
My family and I use the medical "Tornado" services since its inception - more 20 years. Tornado – the only modern medical firm such a profile in our city. Hospital executives - doctors by calling, who for many years developing their clinic, introducing the most modern techniques in cosmetology and diagnostics. Constantly improve their skills in teaching medical centers in Europe. They managed to create a team of like-minded professionals.
Dr. Andreev I., as a pediatrician at the first medical specialty, It helped me to grow three grandchildren, she - "magic wand" for all cases of children's issues, not only the correct diagnosis, but as soon as the request may come to a sick child and help. My three grandchildren, from 6 to 16 years, call it: "Our Irmochka".
Special thanks to Garmash SK! He has "golden hands". While working on the advanced cosmetology equipment, he is able to turn back the clock. I absolutely trust his professional knowledge, the ability to explain to patients the features of a particular procedure,.
I would particularly like to acknowledge the energy and the interior of the firm "Tornado". It is always comfortable, you are met by a knowledgeable and helpful staff.
Once again, thank Sergej and Irma Igorevna and wish clinic "Tornado" further development and protsvetaniya.S SW. Shestakov TW.
Long and happily serviced from beautician Yakovleva Alenochki about the persistence and multiplication of beauty. Her professionalism, skill bring wonderful fruit and effect. Pleased to follow all the advice and recommendations of specialists tornado, as satisfied with the results. M. Popova
Dear company tornado, very excited, that we have such clinic in Kherson. I virtually 55 years doing laser peeling every 3 year and look at my face, It speaks for itself. I have over 60 ... and I still look 55. Doctors are able to do everything: Plazmolifting, gold thread, Laser peeling and much more. All Summit. Sergei Garmash Konstantinovicha have golden hands, I removed moles and pigment spots.
Respectfully Kurinnaya Eugene and Anna.
Do in Tornado laser hair removal. I want to say, the prices are quite pleasant. Cheaper, than in other city salons. After a few treatments, hair ceased to grow, very convenient. Hurt of course, But what to do about it – beauty requires victims.
Got a lot of pleasure from the chocolate wrapping. The procedure itself was very pleasant and aesthetic, Chocolate latch vital worldwide Cabinet, sounded relaxing music, lit candles. After the procedure, the skin was unusually silky, tender, napitannoj.
I was presented with this procedure Birthday. This is one of the most pleasant surprises!!!!
I want to thank the clinic Tornado, It professionals and especially Yuri Alekseevich. A year ago made laser polishing. Very satisfied with the result. Yes, After the procedure is in the process of recovery and it just need tune. But the effect is stunning, skin young and updated!!!
Thanks again!
Recently gave mom a gift certificate for spa procedures in the Tornado. At first, she is a little embarrassed, didn't know, that her pick. Its very welcomed, did she massage, wrap and facial uhodovuju. According to her, such pleasure she never received. She felt a real Lady, which came in Spa. Very well taken care of her girls masseur and beautician.
I want to express my gratitude to the staff of the tornado for the, with your help we can give a loved one this nice gift.
Our whole family for many years treated by Dr. Andreeva, the Pope confided their health only one doctor, and we prololzhaem to do an ultrasound and visit a gynecologist. Very satisfied, that the team is involved in our lives and experiences with us. Now I am informed about the desired pregnancy and am very happy.
Life goes forward and you should be able to enjoy every day!
Thanks for caring Tornado clinic!!!! Gacan Elena Anatolevna
Thank you, speciastam Medical Center experienced a tornado. Cool happened. And forehead are ideally undertaken. Evenly and with this facial expression is preserved. And all say that I am very posvezhela. Sponges were charm! Julia
More than two years ago she took the courses at the Academy of Beauty beauticians Tornado. I received great pleasure from the process of learning. Originally planned to work in Kyiv or Odessa. Upon graduation, I wrote good recommendations, and I easily passed the interview in one of the most prestigious salons,. Odessa. However, later, I received an offer to stay at the clinic a tornado as a cosmetologist. And here already 2 I've been working here and very happy. The Academy really employs its graduates and gives them “a ticket to the future”. Thanks Irma Igorevne, that believed in my abilities, and to this day helps me grow in the professional field.
Oksana Nazarova, cosmetologist
Dreamed of working abroad as a cosmetologist and make-up artist. Beauty Academy has chosen Tornado. The training given me more massage techniques. And I chose it with a massage. My dream came true, a diploma beautician, massage therapist, I came to practice in clinic Tornado, Here I was able to refine their skills and apply their knowledge. Then worked as a masseur in Poland. Homesickness took their and I returned to Kherson, where you have been working for many years. I want to express gratitude to all the teaching staff of the Academy of Tornado.
Do in Tornado gidrokoloterapiju (GPC) with 2002 year for weight-loss. Very satisfied with the result, After the procedure, I feel lightness in the gut, to throw off the weight, person became noticeably cleaner. Thank you Julia for nurse care and kindness.
I want to express gratitude to the chief physician of the clinic Andreeva Irma Igorevne for special attention and individual approach to treating my child! Really helped us in the treatment of atopic dermatitis, We have struggled for more than a year! Thanks a lot for the, what you eat!
A year ago, I graduated from beautician courses at the Academy of Tornado. At first very hesitant, because they do not have honey. education, but as it turned out-this is not a problem).Because the classes are conducted by physicians and beauticians with considerable experience) I would like to express a special thank you to teacher-beautician, Block Of Faith). I also passed additional practical course in clinic Tornado, that helped me to enrich their knowledge and provide further employment. By the way, all the girls in my group, just got a job, in the salons of the city). Thanks again, faculty Tornado 😘
I would like to say a big thank Ire Donevoy,for a quality manicure and pedicure)there was a problem with ingrown toenails,but Erika easily coped with this task. Trust her completely,and don't worry about the sterility of instruments. Thanks a lot))))
Did the Tornado course peelings. I have oily, problem skin, constantly popping pimples. Total 4 peeling (I came to the procedure every two weeks). Skin condition improved markedly, no more new lesions, narrow pores. After the procedure I was not red, you do not need to have anything mask. The procedure made the young beautician Vera. Very satisfied with the result! Thank you! Tatyana P..
I would like to express its gratitude to the, all the staff clinic TORNADO!In particular, Irma Igorivne,Sergei Konstantinovich for professionalism,care attitude in patients , the same Alenočke nurse for her skillful pens. Service at the highest level !!May God give us more such clinics and specialists !! All advise!
Very grateful to Vinogradov A.v.(doctor of osteopath)!!! After several years of wandering to various doctors and hospitals for 5 sessions put in place all the discs that I have pelvis was shifted a few inches and it is painless!!!If back problems contact without a doubt
In Tornado accidentally. Knew, that is very expensive. The doctor immediately noticed my wariness and distrust. All turned out to be very loyal and budget differently. Go for the second year, friends say, that I am staff. Already after the first treatment I noticed results. Here are not such that only money take. I gave credit and free praktikantki have done procedures under the supervision of a physician and a good French cosmetics. I am very happy with, that accidentally came into the Tornado and trusted professionals.
Thanks to all the staff and Irma Igorevne.
By the way, me 63 year. Valery Vorotnikov


After a period at trichologist plasma last year very strengthened and covered with hair bald. Though the method is not pleasant, but worth it. This year repeated the procedure. True this year guaranteed did young professionals, but under the supervision of a physician. I liked the absolute sterility and quality of work.
Thank you.


Impressions about the clinic and its employees specifically dual.

This private clinic, so immediately get ready to shell out a lot of money, but at the same time, of course, get comfort. As already mentioned in the comments, Clinic reception warm and always with smiles. Nurses and physicians assistants everywhere running around behind you, What would all of a sudden something happened wrong is a pleasant overall atmosphere.

More about less positive: all sorts of procedures, not counting the main operations also cost money in no small (including regular consultation), but as I understand it they are responsible for the results.

And now specifically for the reception with Dr. I turned to proktologu Novitsky Oleg Olegovich complain about hemorrhoids (as was then diagnosed with an external, kind of like a second degree). As it turned out later, the doctor is not local, and from Nikolaev. As they say the steep, hardly the Chief in Nikolaev, I'm not an expert, they know better. Well and accordingly enters in Kherson not often, but as luck or, perhaps, He wants to.
Doctors have already, Unlike, from assistants/nurses are no longer such a good-natured atmosphere. Coming with so much fun not to say the diagnosis do you expect any slightest support, Council, Yes — it's the same doctor, needs something to recommend, kind of like the work of his, plus more, surely, and money gets good. Coming on the first consultation and 250 only on quick inspection (before that, about 200 on all sorts of defecation in the amount collected UAH 600), I was quickly examined “by otcepis′” and it was given a choice of, either wait until dissipates, or do surgery laser. While asking the doctor's Council, and what does he recommend as doctor, I was sent to the Internet to read and study the information — the good doctor, for that same money then gets?

In general the solution was chosen to do the operation. On the appointed day came, conducted an operation. The procedure say the hellish not pleasant, But what to do, better immediately, than run. After the operation had been issued directions on the care of wound well and list of drugs. Next will be a couple of weeks for review, everything goes well with healing. On the appointed day came for inspection, thought that the patient's rights — all times took me already, made me operation (that is not to say small cost money), means should come free. And not too be good laid GRN and that is only for, He looked and said, that everything is o.k.. Further interesting. Just said to come through any time. The relationship held via mobile phone and I previously had to always call and find out, and if he deigns to come to Kherson. I understand, of course, in my best interest — I w ill, but I thought, We have stock-market relations, Once the stoop to such, I like how the money paid him. As a result, more than two months later, the wound I have healed, and I decided to no longer bother their still calls the doctor, Yes and save money.

Total: operation done perfectly, for that many thanks doctor. But the post-operative care and care of the patient is on 0 balls, most have run and ask for an appointment.

It was after all the unique doctors in Tornado. Didn't want to go, especially after the reconstruction of white Igor select rating, He said the threshold, that Tornadoes do not go. But they were the last.. It Turned Out, the town has the only dermatoskop, helped in the diagnosis. In Europe, without that clinics do not look. I do not remember the name. Irma Igorevna name is, fast and normal costs 160 UAH. with diagnosis, normal clinic, If you want to quickly and seriously, You can go there. Normal command. Yes, Laboratory Assistant immediately brought the results of analyses. Immediately scrape made, that, what needs to be! I liked it
A huge thank you to all doctors Tornado. Now that's service! Everywhere would be so!!
Sincerely yours, Jeanne G.
I want to thank the entire staff of the Tornado – great doctors,Professional Cosmeticians. Many thanks to Sergey Konstantinovich and Yuri Alekseevich for transactions.
Victoria Rabiner Israel
the city of Kherson. Faced with problem skin and other problems associated with that spent a lot of money, the doctors at other hospitals and beauticians who worked not for the result but on money and visits to download – not putting the diagnosis and not starting correctly treat the cause. Thought and have to live, had a horrible skin on the cheeks and cheekbones with pits, as well as the fresh scar on his forehead ((( Shortly after years was able to come to the correct decision in the Tornado which had heard long ago, only thing not previously came stop by and ask – afraid that expensive. After years on the Internet stumbled upon a laser resurfacing of the person that there is something that I thought I, looked at a couple of YouTube clips and came. I was appointed to the responsible and disciplined doctor Andreeva Irma Igorevne in the registry 27.12.2014. once on reception was friendly advice and tips that I follow and immediately made the laser hair removal procedure for an ingrown hair in the skin,before I do this someone is not saying, and laser facial resurfacing, this same doctor. Everything was at the highest level, no queue, Be quiet- such a long time that have not experienced. Soon a number of procedures of treatment of cosmetologists, I liked it, good, diligent, competent experts. The result pleased even my friends! Thank you for such an approach to my problem with understanding and for my good mood. All The Best To you! Now I'm your customer and will recommend to their friends and friends)))
Thank Yuri Alekseevich, removed the wart is almost healed. More afraid and discouraged, If you take the example of me not to over tighten the more, the longer the healing. Thanks again.

I want to thank Igorevnu for the great Irma Andreev drawn procedure:fractional thermolysis of persons,a week later I decided to make the neck and décolleté. Wonderful,the attentive,good doctor! Thanks ogrmnoe,Irma Igorevna!Health,World,good for you and the entire staff of the honey.!

Horošunova Galina


Do plasma lifting and fraksel′(together) face and décolleté. The effect appeared through the 2/3 Months, may and earlier. Very pleased with, hear complement the appearance (freshness and youth). Be sure to repeat the procedure and only TORNADO. Price is nice, the loyal. The Staff Are GREAT!

All good day! Already do in Tornado photoepilation above upper lip, everything is in order. Hair thinner, less black and so as I did many times, I think very soon cease to grow. Pierce a nose, too good. Did clean face – really liked it, I will still come and do cleaning. Say, I'm unhappy with something, well probably won't tell you, I have until everything was fine and I'm not complaining.))) I will go back there again.)) Thanks to all those, who helped me with my problems.)

Thank you, Юрию Гальченко. Dr. real, таких в Херсоне уже нет. Абсолютно не коммерческий, очень внимательный и добросовестный, знающий свое дело.

Очень доволен по всем мои вопросам. The truth to it is not so easy to get on with, but there is an entry on the phone and on the website. He paid a lot of attention. Watching such babulechki sit and dedulki, but he did not look at the status and age. I thank him!

Thank you for Tornado Yura masseur. There are not enough. Modest, business knows and does massage qualitatively. Takes inexpensively. Massage on all 100%, a manualist.

On fungus on the nails is the only, surely, Specialist in Kherson - Irina Doleeva (Tornado). She Podiatry, but tests and treatment will take what we need. She studied in Germany. Good dermatoskom, analyzes with you - only after analyzes prescribers. The entire procedure is done for 1 day, not like in the hospital for half a day just sat in the waiting room. I was treated for a leg of 200 UAH. Very good specialist.

Dermatologists good is removed and treated in the Tornado, prices are not the coolest. Visage has managed in the diagnosis 120 UAH. Doctor dermatologist all available to tell and show. There is a surgeon, if something needs to be removed by laser. But it must be by appointment only, otherwise we will have to wait. Although the air conditioning in the waiting room, nice music. I'm very glad, that there is such a honey. the establishment in Kherson


Before the trip to the sea decided to Course wraps Tornado. Girls, is a fairy tale. After procedures could be seen, that the liquid is gone, especially lower leg… So I advise!


Well, really want to share feedback about lipolysis:, It is now the most advanced method of correction shapes, You can use this for 3 procedure to lose 6-7 see volumes! fiziologična procedure and painless.


Made in January breast augmentation surgery. The result is very happy, Sergei Konstantinovich thank you!! Everything was great, after surgery had no “terrible pain”, which I have so a lot of reading on different forums. After working for a week from home, then went to work. Well, even – seams in fact it is not visible. It is necessary to buy a new swimsuit ))


I was cervical erosion 7x 5 mm. The doctor said, it is better to cauterize, to infection and do not fall Other. Advised to do so by laser. New apparatus – the laser (something similar to the machine Dentist, Once a woman gets a gynecological chair) monitorchika fastened to the camera – doctor can appreciate and camera, and what is happening on the eye. The whole operation took minutes 20. After she was appointed course candles and one and a half months of abstinence. I am pleased to, that decided on the operation in a tornado!


Very grateful to the doctor, Sergey Garmash Konstantinovichu, the study correctly remove most hemangiomas in our baby. After the call to several doctors are tuning in to the surgery with all the attendant consequences of here. But friends at the time were advised to contact the “Tornado”, to hear the opinion of another expert. Here, we first learned of the art laser technology. Long thought, ventured out and do not regret it!


Gal'chenko Yu A just wonderful urologist friendly and very competent people come, has been everywhere, Treated, perelichilis have final authority Yuri correct diagnosis in Kiev confirmed and treatment success!!


We are treating the entire family with 1997 year, Never had any problems, all were treated with a bang, If we have any questions, We'll call in Tornado, because we know that the doctors there with the highest level of professionalism, not convinced at this time, Andreev Irma Igorivna more than once saved my child from various diseases, that no one else could cure, even diagnosis. Wife goes back to the beautician, She likes. I am glad that our city has a level of medicine.

very good doctors, always properly diagnosed and prescribed effective treatment, I'm happy with how they work, always a good impression after visiting. well and good when you know that there can resolve any issues concerning health or appearance.
sometimes hard for a long time to have to wait for your doctor, but it is worth it.


I like this Tornado. Went here, we walk and we will walk!!! It's better than to have the free (worthless) shirpotrebovskoy medicine, where you look like a wolf.

I want to thank the employees for the, we were able to make the correct diagnosis and cure of, what you need. You can not say about the breech hospital where they treat at random.
Of course it is worth the money, but the result is immediately visible.
I thank the staff for the professionalism and attention. For visitors created a very pleasant, cozy atmosphere: sounds beautiful music, staff met with a smile. When going to see a proctologist terribly nervous (I'm afraid, "hospital atmosphere") I really enjoyed you. Special thanks to the doctor proctologist Novitsky Oleg O. for the professionalism and tact. May God give you good health and a little more grateful patients!


I am very pleased, that in our city there is a medicine. Here we found a family doctor. Even our child goes to the doctor with pleasure. And it's worth it. The Tornado will always help you quickly and competently: came for a consultation, passed tests, diagnosed, appointed treatment!


Great human and parent thanks the doctor-therapist Irma Igorevne for an individual approach to us, What we namučilis′ in other clinics – This does not describe. Best regards grandmother Sofia Inkorsovoj.


I am very grateful to the doctor. Yuri Alekseevich. He's my son Eugene remove scars on his arm. A very BIG THANK YOU to him, his life changed for the better. And I am very glad that such doctors in our city there are. With respect to Svetlana.


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