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More and more often we are confronted with the aesthetic problem of protruding ears in children and adults. Droopy ears always been a cause of mockery at school, University, ridicule colleagues and the most important issues in people's lives – complexes because of the appearance and self-doubt. Looking teenagers making their ears glued with superglue (which is extremely dangerous for the health!), and adults at all, occasionally, I can not remember even one hair to collect hair.

From a medical point of view, droopy ears is considered a congenital deformity of the ear, imparting ears bulge, sticking views, forming a human "complex droopy ears", who in adulthood may adversely affect the character of the, habits and mentality of the whole. otoplasty – the most common and safe procedure in the field of plastic surgery.

Tornado MG, one of the leading clinics of Ukraine, more 15 years successfully used radio wave method of correction of ear deformities as a whole. This operation is characterized by precision, high qualifications and skills of our surgeons. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and not more than, than an hour one gets not only a new form of ears, but also a new life: life without complexes, resentment and anguish!

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