Evaluate hormones women can help kol′pocitologiâ

As you know, a visit to the gynaecologist is mandatory at least once a year for every woman of reproductive age. During preventive examinations women spend bimanual gynecological research, bacterioscopic investigation, inspection and palpation of the breast. Often such a volume of studies is sufficient to ensure, to ensure no pathology in young women. If you have any doubt be more diagnostic measures. Одним из таких исследований является – простой и доступный метод функциональной диагностики.

What is kol′pocitologiâ and what is the purpose of this study

Kol′pocitologiâ – это простой диагностический метод, позволяющий оценить состояние гормонального фона женщины. Материалом для исследования являются влагалищные выделения, that doctor gets during the examination the woman on the gynecological Chair using different tools: branšej tweezers, spatula, pipette papanicolaou and so on. The method is based on the, what hormones of the female body, which are produced by the ovaries, determine the cyclical changes in the mucous membrane vagina. Through the evaluation of vaginal smears can be judged on the State of hormonal women.


  • How is kol′pocitologiâ: fence and preparation material for research;
  • evaluation of the results of kol′pocitologii: reaction types of strokes;
  • assessment of physical properties of secretions and mucous membrane vagina.

How is kol′pocitologiâ: fence and preparation material for research

Material for kol′pocitologii you need to take before the bimanual research and vaginal manipulation, as this may affect the accuracy of the results obtained. Because in the back of the arches of the vagina are accumulated and the selection can be quite long, fresh material is collected from the lateral parts of the arches. Allocation of a thin equal ball are put on a slide, then the material is painted with a polychrome colouring methods, and examined under a light microscope. In order to obtain reliable results strokes take over one or several days- 10-15 brush strokes.

Evaluation of the results of kol′pocitologii: reaction types of strokes

To determine the hormonal balance of the female body through kol′pocitologii has developed special cytological tests, interpretation which is based on evaluation of cellular elements in the smears, and quantitative correlation. There are four types of reactions of cytological smears:

  • deep type of reaction -smear consists of cells of the deepest layers of the epithelium, as well as leukocytes, that reveals a sharp estrogenic deficiency;
  • mixed-deep type of reaction -smear plenty of basal and intermediate cells, many leukocytes, that speaks to the concerns of the estrogenic deficiency;
  • the average mixed type is dominated by intermediate cells, few leukocytes, Basal and parabazal′nye cells isolated. This pattern is typical for moderate deficiency of estrogen;
  • surface reaction type -a lot of smears orogovevaûŝih cells, basal cells no, leukocytes isolated or missing. This type of stroke characterized with a high concentration of estrogen in a woman's body.

For healthy women have a fourth type of smears in the follikulinovuû phase of the cycle, and a third type-in lûteinovuû.

Assessment of physical properties of secretions and mucous membrane vagina

Kol′pocitologiâ allows you to define a woman's hormonal background through the evaluation of physical properties of mucous membrane vagina and vaginal discharge. Depending on hormonal saturation of an organism distinguish three typical State:

  • symptom shiny mucous membrane: characteristic for the total absence of failure or sudden estrogen in a woman's body. When the mucous membrane vagina thin, brilliant, selection transparent and dry quickly on a slide;
  • symptom grit selections: characteristic of moderate or low estrogen deficiency, that is, matches 2 and 3 type cytological reactions. In the virus, deposited on glass, There is a small grain size. A lot of them, consistency and color reminiscent of sour milk;
  • symptom of frost: mucous membrane vagina belesovataâ, like pripudrennaâ. Selections very much, They pillar framework was reminiscent of gruel or rime, evenly apply to slide their hard, as remain lumps. This pattern matches 4 type of reaction and said that considerable saturation of the body with estrogen.

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