The Academy of Scientific Beauty Tornado предлагает технологию C-RxSystem:
It is clinically approved skin care system based on a combination 4% hydroquinone and Vitamin C.
Determination of patient C-Rx System:
  • In need of correction into melanogenesis
  • Needs protection keratinocytes and fibroblasts
  • Has a mild or moderate forms of hyperpigmentation.
Obagi-C RxSystem Это пациенты, who initially:
  • Good texture of the skin;
  • Minimum age wrinkles;
  • The first signs of photoaging, hyperpigmentation, small;
  • Matt, dull skin.
  • Or is it the patient, who needs a system of Nu-Derm, but due to lifestyle or rabotyon the vremâne wants to adhere to strict mode and is afraid of skin irritation in a first application of Nu-Derm;
  • or the patient does not migrate retinoids.
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