A new medical approach to the rejuvenation of the periorbital area

Aesthetic defects periorbital area - one of the most frequent problems, with whom we have to deal cosmetologists. To correct dark circles under the eyes, puffiness, wrinkle developed a lot of methods and a variety of drugs. One of them – RRS ® HA Eyes, which, noteworthy practitioners. The clinical research on this drug correction of age changes of the periorbital area, and especially to eliminate puffiness showed good results, therefore became the basis for the development of the protocol RRS ® HA Eyes, in this article.

Features of correction of aesthetic defects in the periorbital area

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Aesthetic defects periorbital area may be due to the age of the bone resorption edge orbit, loss of subcutaneous fat, microcirculatory disorders. The zone is very delicate because of the peculiarities of the anatomical structure, therefore, the correction of stabilized hyaluronic acid preparations often occur as complications overcorrection, unwanted puffiness, Effect Tindall. To solve a problem can help the application of RRS injection means ® HA Eyes, presented in our market by ANC.

The drug is a Class III medical device for injection to lacrimal, eyelid, malar furrows and the area of ​​the upper eyelid. Its advantages - safety of, high efficiency and low side effects, even with prolonged therapy.

It demonstrates the effectiveness of a particular drug in complex therapy of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Its formula was developed for application in the form of surface and deep injection. The basis of the formula - Highly effective ingredients, skomoponovannye by a special formula to enhance each other's.

The active ingredients of the preparation for correcting periorbital area

The main component of the preparation RRS ® HA Eyes - unstabilized hyaluronic acid (5,0 mg/ml) active biorevitaliziruyuschim solution (27,3 mg / l). It provides the reorganization of the dermal matrix and stimulates its renewal.

Active ingredient of the drug
• Antioxidants. The largest group of ingredients, including naringin, ascorbic acid, resveratrol, viniferin. They prevent the destructive action of free radicals on various cells and tissues, contribute to the strengthening of vascular walls, improve capillary and lymphatic microcirculation in the periorbital area.
• Peptides. Dipeptide VW provides lymph drainage, perform drainage function, effectively eliminates puffiness around the eyes. GPCR-peptide is involved in the regulation of the absorption and retention of moisture in the tissues of the periorbital area.

Among other bioactive components RRS ® HA Eyes flavonoidы, saponins, polyphenols and other substances, proven increase in the elasticity of the capillary walls, strengthening cell membranes, improving microcirculation.

Active ingredient RRS ® HA Eyes arranged for a special formula, with carefully calibrated concentration of each component, thereby strengthened the synergy of their action.

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The protocol of the drug for the rejuvenation zone periorbital

Protocol of corrective procedures, using RRS ® HA Eyes was developed and tested on the basis of clinical studies.
Treatment with preparation RRS ® HA Eyes is assigned to the tear trough correction and treatment of edema, dark spots in the periorbital area.

Preparatory stage. A week before the upcoming procedure the patient is advised to renounce the use of funds, containing vitamin E, NPVP, ginkgo biloba, to eliminate undesirable side effects (such as ecchymosis and petechiae).

Before the procedure, the patient signs the document of informed consent about the upcoming procedure. The patient should take a picture, to allow further control of the treatment and demonstrate the effect obtained patient. Photographing is carried out each time at standard conditions - with the same settings and under similar lighting conditions.

Before the procedure,. The patient should be placed in a chair or on a couch at an angle 45 degrees. This is the optimal position for, to clearly was visible deformation of the nasolacrimal groove. The patient's face should be well lit..

Carry out the injection procedure in the periorbital area should be quiet, In no case did not hurry. In this area is very high risk of blood vessels.

the patient's face is thoroughly cleaned from cosmetics, the skin is processed disinfectant chlorhexidine.
Development of the procedure. Carefully palpate the edge of the orbital bone. In the tear trough a lot of subcutaneous vascular plexus, so during injection procedures there is high risk of hematomas. We need to work very carefully, not to introduce the drug in the visible blood vessels.

preparation RRS ® HA Eyes injected needle 32 G, using the technique of subcutaneous papules. For creating 1 papules usually sufficient 0,05-0,1 ml. FIELD administration gently massaged (not much!), that the drug was distributed evenly.

The final stage. Patients are advised to avoid all cosmetic procedures for the face over the next 48 hours. following 6 hours after the procedure to avoid any massaging action on the face, do not rub your eyes, Avoid extreme cold or heat, physical activity.

Patients should be warned, that for the first two days after the procedure are possible side effects such as edema and hematomas in the periorbital area, but they are on their own for a couple of days.

It is important to plan ahead next patient visits to assess clinical outcomes and, If necessary,, of dokorrektsii. Examinations prescribed by 15 days, and then a month after the procedure. At each visit, If you want to, permissible dokorrektsiya: preparation RRS ® HA Eyes allows any number of injections, to get the desired result. Next, the patient visits should be scheduled every 3 Months, to monitor the results of correction of periorbital area. As a rule, procedure, the effect persists for 6-8 months.

So, studies have shown, that RRS injection ® HA Eyes in the lacrimal, naso-malar sulcus, upper eyelid - it is a safe and effective treatment of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, manifestations of aging changes periorbital area. In RRS drug ® HA Eyes, minimal side effects, it does not stimulate lymphostasis, It does not provoke and overcorrection Tyndall effect. Particularly impressive results have been achieved in solving the problem of puffiness.

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