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Modern beauty industry uses botulinum toxin for a wide range of cosmetic problems. But the development of modern classical medicine does not stand still. And now botulinum toxin has removed from office, cosmetologist, in the hands of the scientists involved in the study means of struggle with cancer.

new research, published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, revealed, that with the help of botulinum toxin can cure cancer zheludka.Takie conclusions scientists have after studies, conducted on mice. During tests in animals with gastric cancer showed positive dynamics after the use of botulinum toxin. Because of the effect on the nerve endings, drug stopped tumor growth.

On this basis, at the University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway, clinical trials have been initiated with the participation of people with stomach cancer. During these tests, scientists from Norway and the United States are exploring the value of the nerve endings in the tumor development. The fact, botulinum toxin that affects just the nerves, thereby eliminating the factor, which regulates tumor growth.

Is Assumed To Be, the drug can be administered to patients directly to the affected area by means of a thin tube, which is carried out through the mouth to the stomach. Direct injection will allow patients to spend less time in the hospital. It is also worth noting the fact, that botulinum toxin is less toxic, than the same chemotherapy. In mice, an injection does not cause adverse reactions.

But at the same time, doctors have noted, that the most effective way in the treatment of gastric cancer may be the use of botulinum toxin in conjunction with chemotherapy. According to scientists, from such a combined treatment result will be better and faster. After all, not only botulinum toxin affects the nerves, but also increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy due to the fact, that cancer cells are more amenable to traditional drugs. If we talk about mice, then they have this method of treatment has reduced mortality 35% compared to standard chemotherapy treatment only.

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