The result of passing a course of treatments is guaranteed for weight loss 5-8 kg, decrease the volume of the body at 4-10 cm.

In accordance with the procedure – temperature «swing» (change the local temperature of various parts of the body in Delta 1 degree), that burn fat, stimulate metabolism and energy exchange of the cell and the organism as a whole, increasing the productivity of metabolism on 35-50%. Wet bandages at changing time acted the role of absorbent bases, Deletes the output through the skin toxins and food stagnation. Unlike many wraps technique of wet pelenanij practically has no contra-indications.

Expected results from the course wraps (9 – 12 procedures):

  • Weight loss on 5-8 kg;
  • Decrease the volume of the body at 4-10 cm;
  • Cellulite treatment of all stages of any weight;
  • Decrease terrain localised fat deposits;
  • Skin Lifting, improving the elasticity of the body;
  • Reduction of old and the disappearance of fresh STRI;
  • Elimination of edema;
  • Reduction of varicose veins;
  • Lightening rosacea;
  • Control appetite;
  • Easy, flexible, plastic body.

Try our new product at an attractive price – total 800 UAH!

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