Nobel Prize 2016 year: winner proved, that fast is useful

Yoshinori Ohsumi-specialist in cell biology from Japan was the Nobel Laureate in Physiology or medicine

Started the Nobel week, in the course of which will be distributed to the most honorary scientific awards and named the winners of the Physiology or medicine, Physics, Chemistry.

Laureate in Physiology or medicine was named today- 3 October 2016 year. They became Yoshinori Osumi (He Ohsumi) specialist in cell biology from the University of technology Tokyo, which was awarded for his discovery of the mechanisms of autofagii ".

The first Nobel Prize 2016 of the year named.

The first Nobel Prize 2016 of the year named.

Press release: the Nobel Committee says:

"The opening of Osumi resulted in a new paradigm in our understanding, as the cell recycles its contents. His discoveries opened the way to understanding the fundamental importance of autofagii for a variety of physiological processes, such as adapting to famine and response to infection». to hunger or to respond to infection».

Autophagy-the process of recovery and recycling of unnecessary parts of different cells are accumulated in the "garbage". The term, gave the name of the process, formed from two Greek, words which together translate as "samoedstvo". Or "frustration".

Autofagii mechanism.

Autofagii mechanism.

The, that the phenomenon exists at all, scientists have discovered back in the 60-ies of the last century. But could not understand the intricacies of the mechanism. In the 90-ies did Osumi. Conducting their experiments, He identified another and genes, responsible for autofagiû. And that's almost a quarter century award found hero, that became 39-m scientists in history, awarded the Nobel Prize are solely.

Autophagy is inherent in living organisms, including our. Thanks to her cells get rid of the unnecessary parts, and the whole organism-from unnecessary cells.

Nature has endowed such cells had the foresight to amazing and useful capacity-digest the, that "looks" superfluous or harmful. They operate almost like we. Only automatically. Incase "trash" in special bags-autofagosomy. Next move in containers-Lysosomes. Where "any muck" collapses and Digest. Products-odd "Recycle"-go to the production of fuel cells for power. Of them are produced and new building blocks, used to update cells.

Education phagosome.

Education phagosome.

Thanks to autofagii from cleans itself trapped in cage her infection and from the resulting toxins.

Autophagy starts work most intensively, When the body feels stress. For example, hunger strike. In this case, the cell produces energy at the expense of their domestic resources from all the accumulated debris. And including from pathogenic bacteria.

Open the laureate demonstrates: starve, and other times and fast still useful-body really cleared. Confirmed by the Nobel Committee.

How to assure colleagues Osumi, autophagia protects organism from premature senility. Can be, even rejuvenates by, that creates new cells, Displays the body of defective proteins and damaged intracellular elements, keeping it in good condition.

Fusion of the phagosome and lysosomes.

Fusion of the phagosome and lysosomes.

(A) violations in autofagii processes leading to disease Parkinson's, diabetes and even cancer. Realizing this, doctors create new medicines, able to correct violations and, was to be, cure.

However ... It looks like, that for prevention is worth sometimes starve, bringing the body in wellness, as it turns out now, stress.

Yoshinori Ohsumi was born in 1945 year. His award in the amount of 8 million Swedish kronor is slightly more 950 thousands of dollars USA -He will get together with other scientists in the laureates Stockholm 10 December.

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