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Hardware cosmetology has won many admirers, among specialists, and among visitors to beauty salons, primarily, due to its efficiency and quickness of achievement. The use of hardware tools in complex with classical procedures – One of the most promising trends in cosmetology today.

Cosmetic surgeries are equipped with equipment of leading world manufacturers.
Modern cosmetology, which is in our days on the unprecedented rise of high-tech, timely and appreciated the advantages of ultrasound. After providing restorative and rejuvenating effect, He has a number of additional advantages over other methods of care: does not expose the skin stretching and squeezing, does not disturb the top layer, (this quality is used for ultrasonic cleaning of gentle skin, when applying ultrasonic cleaning is no longer required squeezing arms). It is not surprising, that these days everyone, respecting his client, beauty salon has in its arsenal multifunctional ultrasonic device. Microvibration, carried ultrasound, performs the function on the cellular level micromassage. It improves the blood, increases immunity, metabolism is activated, enhanced recovery (update) Tissue. Ultrasound activates the redox processes, contributes to formation of collagen and elastin.
During the procedure the skin is cleansed, improves blood circulation, increased venous return and lymphatic, so there is a natural moisturizing skin cells. In contrast to other methods of ultrasound peeling removes only the old cells, completely without damaging, new young. As a result of very careful and gentle influence of ultrasound, updated topsheet epidermis, and the skin becomes wonderfully soft, fresh and updated.
ULTRASOUND FACIAL gentle cleaning
This deep cleansing the skin from pollution, dead cells, each fat, blockages of the sebaceous glands, remove acne, comedones. The procedure is performed without steaming skin, which puts it in the order above previously used classical cleansing. In many cases,, ultrasonic cleaning process virtually eliminates other mechanical effects on the skin. After the procedure, there is a stable result.
Procedure, combining the introduction of nutrients into the skin and holding a micro massage and lymphatic drainage. Ultraphonophoresis used for all skin types and for all ages, changing only the modes of the device (for sensitive skin and for skin with dilated capillaries, pulse is applied (nonthermal) mode).
Ultrasound tones muscles, providing a lifting effect, produces tissue massage at the cellular level, fonoforez allows you to enter the cells of valuable nutrients cosmetics. The rejuvenating effect is also achieved by micro-heating of tissues, improve nutrition and oxygenation of the muscles and skin of the face.
As a benefit of ultrasound procedures, it is worth noting, the impact inputted cosmetic continues for several days after treatment. To solve the problems of the skin and fatty, the affected acne apply anti-inflammatory effects of ultrasound, as well as the effect of softening and smoothing of post-traumatic scars and seals (the effect of "sucking"). After a few treatments significantly reduced oiliness, narrow pores on the face.
  • acute purulent inflammatory processes
  • violation of the integrity of the skin (wounds, Abrasions)
  • pregnancy
  • mental illness
  • skin cancer
  • hematopathy, thrombophlebitis
  • arrhythmia
  • the presence of implants under the skin (gold thread)
  • violation of skin sensitivity
  • wearing a pacemaker
  • Any body care begins with effective skin renewal, its purification and control of defects.

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