Analizы in Nikoleva

To make quickly make analyses, you simply go to the clinical-diagnostic laboratory “Tornado Medical Group” in Nikolaev.
In the laboratory,, founded in 1997., is determined by the more 500 various indicators blood tests, Urine and other biological fluids.
We are proud of our laboratory and state, that clinical diagnostic laboratory “Tornado” all the studies carried out on the most modern equipment. Only high-quality reagents, meet all international standards. Laboratory “Tornado” equipped with instruments of American and German-made.
Definition of a wide variety of hormones to diagnose the most challenging diseases of the endocrine system. In the laboratory, using the ELISA method are determined by the pituitary hormones:
  • prolaktina and tireotropnogo gormona (ТТГ),
  • gonadotropin-releasing hormone (ЛГ и ФСГ).
Also in the laboratory analyzes are performed:
  • Analysis of blood,
  • Analysis of genital infections,
  • hormonal analyzes,
  • to assess the function (total triiodothyronine, free triiodothyronine, total thyroxine and free thyroxine),
  • diagnose autoimmune thyroid disease (antibodies to thyroglobulin, Antibodies to thyroid peroxidase),
  • adrenal (Cortisol, DEA).

Learn more about the procedure and conduct analyzes, can be called by phone:

  • 0512 343993 ()

  • Address: st. Бузника 10

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