Non-surgical facelift on the basis of karboksiterapii-a source of new opportunities anti-age therapy

The biological aging process affects absolutely all body systems, in particular, clearly can be traced to the manifestations of age the skin syndrome. With age, skin loses its former resilience and elasticity due to reduced concentration of collagen and elastin, that play an important role in maintaining skin turgor. The effects of free radicals and solar radiation also affected the condition of the skin, where tiny wrinkles begin to appear, especially in the area around the eyes, characterized by exceptional delicacy and sensitivity. Program for braces and skin seals FACE LIFTING PROGRAM is a non-surgical , which perfectly proved in combat age skin syndrome.

What are the reasons that show signs of age on the skin syndrome?

The term age implies a complex syndrome of changes, that manifest on the skin aging process. This process is accelerated by a number of endogenous and exogenous causes:

  • unhealthy diet;
  • hormonal changes;
  • the lack of moisture in the skin;
  • reduction of the concentration of collagen and elastin;
  • the destructive effect of free radicals;
  • exposure to sunlight;
  • lack of oxygen in the cells of the skin.

12-week program FACE LIFTING PROGRAM based on non-invasive karboksiterapii, is a non-surgical facelift, able to eliminate the signs of age syndrome.

The result of the impact of all these factors are:

  • reduction of skin tone;
  • the appearance of wrinkles;
  • blurred facial;
  • gravitational PTOSIS (sagging tissues);
  • sagging skin;
  • the loss of healthy radiance and colour deterioration.

Below we consider:

  • What are the main advantages of the nonsurgical facelift;
  • testimony, contra-indications and effects programs.

Main advantages of non-surgical FACE lifting LIFTING PROGRAM

Improve the condition of the skin 12 weeks without any invasive procedures you can use nonsurgical facelift FACE LIFTING PROGRAM on the basis of a unique procedure of noninvasive karboksiterapii.

The main features and benefits of the program are:

  • stimulation of regeneration basic structures of the skin by removing dead skin cells and improve tissue oxygenation;
  • Restore healthy and young look;
  • skin tightening effect due to the effects of non-invasive karboksiterapii.

Statement, contra-indications and effect programs nonsurgical facelift

The main indications for the procedure FACE lift non surgical LIFTING are:

  • age syndrome;
  • the existence of dynamic and static wrinkles;
  • skin care without radical measures.

The only contraindication to this procedure is the idiosyncrasy of components of preparations.

This procedure is an excellent and safe alternative to invasive facelift.

Treatments once a week for a minimum of 12 weeks. The final determination of the duration of the course depends on the individual patient's skin condition indicators.

After completing a course of treatments is observed the following effect:

  • seal skin;
  • improving skin tone;
  • clear oval face;
  • healthy and even skin color;
  • Prevention of gravitational PTOSIS.

The course consists of the following procedures:

  1. Non-invasive chiroplastic massage + deep hydration (procedure 1).
  2. Non-invasive chiroplastic massage + skin recovery system (procedures 2-6).
  3. Non-invasive chiroplastic massage + refining peeling (procedures 7-10).
  4. Non-invasive chiroplastic massage + deep hydration (procedures 11 and to the end of the course).

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