An unexpected effect of creams with first aid kits

Sometimes medications to cope with the challenge of better cosmetic! , sold in pharmacy, There was a special category of: manufacturers do not spend a lot of money on advertising on television and in the press, instead of investing them in research and extensive testing. We have chosen for you 10 Pharmacy tools with an unexpected effect.


Аптечные кремы: дешево и эффективно!

Traditional means of intoxication of the organism is able to save your appearance after lush parties. From a medical point of view the swelling under the eyes is the water, that "stuck" in the fat layer 21. To prevent this from happening, before going to bed apply under eye layer ènterosgelâ. While you sleep, the gel will collect excess moisture, and in the morning you'll get much more exciting picture. It's important: dehydrate your skin gel, Therefore, immediately after the morning washing, apply a moisturizing cream for eyelids or make a mask.

2. CREAM f 99»

Аптечные кремы: дешево и эффективно!

Cream,consisting of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin F. Initially a tool intended for the treatment of eczema and dermatitis, but it turned out, that it has a number of other properties. First, This is the best way to combat skin desquamation, called obvetrivaniem or sunburn. Vo‑vtoryh, cream is indispensable for the care of feet: No cracks, any burrs or ogrubelostej, If daily apply it at night. Third, It gets dry skin elasticity, instantly absorbed, no effect of film. Fourthly, helps to cope with acne and pimples, because it normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands and exfoliates dead skin cells.


Аптечные кремы: дешево и эффективно!

Used to combat the effects of poisoning, "Tiogamma" is actually pure alpha lipoic acid, the most powerful antioxidant, that fights free radicals, accelerates cell renewal skin, helps fight acne, Acne, wrinkles, effects of sunburn, has a detox effect. The consistency is similar to water, applied to the skin in a thin layer before applying the usual care. Only suitable for oily and combination skin, Since dries the upper layer.


Аптечные кремы: дешево и эффективно!

Its purpose is to direct the fight against acne. But the principle of action allows you to use this gel like anti-aging tool. How and when dealing with Acne,the key point is accelerated skin renewal, the growth of young healthy cells and deep hydration (the gel contains hyaluronic acid in relatively high concentration), improves skin relief, smooth out wrinkles and improve your complexion.


Аптечные кремы: дешево и эффективно!

The active ingredient of the drug is Pantothenic acid, It is a familiar provitamin B5. It is Pantothenic acid — founder of the vitamin a, responsible for the regeneration of the skin. And it means, "Bepanten" is a real godsend for those, who are seeking to renew skin, soothe her, make a more smooth and even.


Аптечные кремы: дешево и эффективно!

Warming ointment helps ... Hide cellulite! Apply it to the problem area, leave on 20 minutes − 15 (feel a slight burning sensation, the skin may turn red because of the blood flow) and wash with warm water. For a more pronounced effect wipe the same patches of ice cubes. Visually cellulite disappear at 4 hours − 3!


Аптечные кремы: дешево и эффективно!

A great tool for delicate skin with high content of hyaluronic acid. Goodbye,"Crow's feet"!

8. "Arnika"

Аптечные кремы: дешево и эффективно!

Generally it is assumed, that this ointment will accelerate the absorption of haematomas and bruising. That automatically means, that it improves circulation of blood and lymph, has a calming, Backflow and regenerating effect. You probably already guessed: Yes, He copes with the dryness of the skin, facial wrinkles and loss of tone.


Аптечные кремы: дешево и эффективно!

Produced this ointment since Soviet times and since then has not lost relevance as a means to reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, fight acne and acne. Is based on Royal Jelly, known for its obezzarajivatmi and nourishing properties.

10. «RELIEF»

Аптечные кремы: дешево и эффективно!

Well, If Hollywood stars admit, that use hemorrhoid ointment as treatment for eyelid skin, us-what embarrassed? Yes, relieves swelling, smoothes wrinkles and no side effects!

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