"Intrusive" acne

According to various authors, Acne affects more 90% Adolescents. Most of them rash to disappear completely 18-20 years, but 25% Acne does not back up 25 years. About 60% young women over 25 special mention of the various manifestations of acne. Each dermatocosmetologist in her practice are often faced with the need to treat such patients.
Although acne does not represent a serious threat to the health of, still, this State is causing mental suffering and damage the exterior. Particularly unpleasant, that often remain on the skin lesions regress characteristic scars and pigmentation, that is bad are treatable. For many patients struggle with acne turns into obsession, and they exacerbate your condition self-medicate. According to the survey, about 70% people, Acne sufferers, consider, from this State, you can be cured within a week,using any "miracle" cream. Sorry, This means there is no. This is due to the fact, the etiology is unclear. Study links pathogenesis, known predisposing factors. Based on this knowledge, and the strategy of baking.
Most modern authors have four basic levels of pathogenesis of acne vulgaris.
1. Increased production of sebum.
The process of hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands and increase their secretory activity of androgens are responsible. Interesting, the vast majority of patients with hormonal changes do not, and not all androgens can cause such changes in Sebaceous Gland. Only dihydrotestosterone, formed in the skin of testosterone under the action of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, can cause an increase in the size of the sebaceous glands and increase in sebum secretion. The composition of sebum is secreted. It increases the content of cholesterol sulfate and free fatty acids. This is against a background of change quantitative and qualitative composition of pipidov, form the epidermal barrier. These processes result in a dramatic increase in the permeability of the epidermis.
2. Abnormal keratinization of the tallow-hair follicle.
OK èpiteliocity, lining a funnel tallow-hair follicle, slow to coarsen and, sluŝivaâs′, go along with secret sebaceous glands to the surface of the skin. This process is regulated by protein fillagrinom. Increased their accumulation in the cells leads to disruption of the natural exfoliation process and formation of horny tube. Another important factor, leading to giperkeratozu. Is a high activity of an enzyme 5-alpha reductase inhibitors.
Èpiteliocity, Sebaceous Gland duct lining, under the influence of this enzyme are testosterone and convert it into dihydrotestosterone, that allows them to proliferate. These processes (Hyperkeratosis and delayed desquamation korneocitov) significantly impede the outflow of sebum secreted and contribute to the formation of comedones. It is comedones (black and whiteheads) are the first visible rashes, acne.
3. Propionibacterium acnes
P.acnes refers to the saprophytic flora, located on the skin of any healthy person. On 1 kV. see the skin is about 600 Microorganisms, and in patients, Acne sufferers, their number can ever- attached to the 85000. This is due to the fact, that p. acnes is- was a lipophilic anaèrobom, ideal conditions for reproduction which are created inside the closed comedones on the face of the sebum process. In the course of its life p. acnes generates lipase, an enzyme, RAS ŝeplâûŝij sebum triglycerides to free fatty acids. And free fatty acid, and enzymes, produced by bacteria, damage the cell membrane of follicular epithelium, What is release of signal molecules.
4. Imunnyj reply
Develops a full immune response at the local level, that clinically evident inflammatory comparative elements — papulami and pustules.
The classical scheme of treatment of moderate forms of acne include antibiotic, retinoid, as well as drugs, containing benzoyl leroksid, azelaic acid, zinc and metronidazole.
This technique is used by physicians for decades and has led to, that the number of antibiotic-resistant forms of acne vozrastaetiz steadily year by year. Study, a survey in the UK, revealed, the total percentage of the sustainability of Propionibacterium acnes to antibiotics has increased from 20% in 1978 year to 62% in 1996 year. More often than not there was resistance to erythromycin, clindamycin, buy cheap ambien online, Doxycycline.
Moreover, already proven, that the appointment of antimicrobial therapy in patients with acne causes an increase in the
the number of antibiotic-resistant strains of microorganisms, and it's not just about p.acnes. The appointment of retinoids also requires some caution, especially for women of childbearing age. Many of the classic remedies for acne treatment have led to an increase in the permeability of the epidermis and this unpleasant condition, as sensitive skin.
It becomes apparent, that require certain innovations in the treatment of patients, suffering from Acne. In European countries is successfully used a very effective treatment of acne. By the Italian pharmaceutical company General Topics was developed on the basis of the special expertise treatment salicylic acid using Enerpeel, ensure uniform effective penetration of medicinal components in primestnom coating. The drug is intended for Office use of a course of four treatments at intervals of one week. In addition to salicylic acid, with exfoliating and anti-inflammatory action it, the product includes triethylcitrate and ètillinopeat. These substances inhibit the hydrolysis of triglycerides, reduce the concentration of free fatty acids, normalize keratinizaciû mouth of the sebaceous glands and reduce Bacterial colonization by creating an "uncomfortable" conditions for Propionibacterium acnes by altering pH and aerobic conditions.
In home care patients is the gel for daily cleansing of the skin with likolevoj acid and healing cream Tebiskin Osk with triètilcitratom and ètilninoleatom. This treatment allows you to achieve dramatic results in just one month. Double-slepoerandomizirovannoe placebo-kontroliroaannoe study, the number of closed comedones is reduced by 50,22%. the number of open- 56,74%, papules on the 54,8%, pustules-on 76,78%. Considering, that this methodology does not have systemic effects on the body and does not cause skin irritation, It can be used to treat most patients, sufferers of acne.
Acne disease chronic disease, for successful treatment that takes a long time and the correct treatment policy, not causing harm to the body as a whole.
The chosen methodology must be effective, pain-free for the patient and to provide rapid clinical improvement. All of these requirements is described above, a modern European record of treating acne.
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