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Classic body massage 60 minute /360 UAH

Massage is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic, helps relieve stress and fatigue, improve overall health, the correct functioning. Full body massage is indicated for high physical and mental stress, recovery from injury. Thanks massage improves blood circulation and oxygen supply, nutrients. Massage helps to eliminate decay products, dross, lipolysis, cellulite reduction phenomena, skin becomes elastic.

back 40 minutes / 260 USD

Is an integral part of comprehensive treatment of diseases of the joints, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, radiculitis, metabolism. As a result, therapeutic massage increases blood circulation, lymph, interstitial fluid; eliminates stagnation; increases metabolism; the skin is taut, increases its resistance to temperature and mechanical factors; improves contractile function of muscles, increases their tone, elasticity; increasing mobility of ligaments; improves the function of the heart, trains vascular system; blood supply, improves posture, general state of health; relieves fatigue.

60 minutes/360 UAH

Relaxing, or anti-stress massage is suitable for those, who experience chronic fatigue, state of depression and tension, tightness of different muscle groups and those, who need to deeply relax.

40 minutes/360 UAH

Lymphatic drainage massage improves lymph flow by affecting the lymph centers. Is the total organism, toxins, the process of detoxification of the body, improves nutrition, respiration and metabolism of the skin, improves the skin.

30 minutes / 260 USD

Anti-cellulite massage promotes getting rid of cellulite, loss of subcutaneous fat deposits, strengthen the immune system, improve metabolism, as well as the General status of the skin. Besides, He has an excellent anti-stress effects.

Physiotherapeutic massage (soft manual techniques) 90 min / 420 grn

Soft manual techniques (MMT) – physiologic and effective method of healing. Unlike classical massage, In addition to working with MMT session muscles includes technology for joints (including the joints of the spine), the ligaments and tendons, intercostals membranes and bones.

MMT are used for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, effective use of MMT in the treatment of the following conditions:

tension headache

chronic fatigue syndrome

rehabilitation after fractures of the limbs and other injuries


Osteochondrosis of spine, pain syndrome in protruzijah and hernia of intervertebral discs

myofascial pain syndrome (due to the overloading of individual muscle groups, hypothermia, stress)

flat feet, foot deformity

deforming osteoarthrosis, degenerative-Dystrophic diseases of joints and spine

40 minutes/360 UAH

Stone massage for detoxification and healing power of the silhouette modeling heat and power stones:

deep state of relaxation;

restore the body's energy potential;

stimulation of the immune system;

improved blood microcirculation;

improve metabolism.

Functional kinetic massage 30 minutes / 200 USD

Functional kinetic massage, What is the technique of Dieter Baumann, helps normalize the functioning of the organism as a whole and is recommended in such cases:

low mobility of joints;

swelling of the legs;

overexertion of the muscles of the feet and legs;

blood circulation in the legs.

Musculo-structural chiromassage persons 45-60 minutes / 400 USD

Facial massage is used to relieve edema, solution to the problem of rosacea, modeling facial contours, his suspenders, improvement and alignment of complexion. In addition to the visible to the naked eye effects, chiromassage affects deep processes in muscles and skin, inducing tissue regeneration at all levels of the DermIS.

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