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Today in medicine there is a lot of drugs for lecheniya thrush, However, the problem continues to be highly relevant. It is connected to the underestimation of the importance of yeast by patients, and with common chronic yeast infection over, and illiterate and dangerous self on the basis of widely advertised drugs for the treatment of thrush.

The basic rule in treatment of thrush is, that the treatment of thrush (candidiasis) should always be comprehensive, step by step and always under a doctor's guidance.
Effective yeast infection treatment means not just getting rid of the body of a fungal infection. Essential components of the treatment are also the following activities:

Identification of the sensitivity of the causative agent of thrush in the individual woman to antifungal drugs and the use of this drug for the treatment of thrush.
Restoration of normal internal environment of the vagina - its acidity and the ratio of beneficial microorganisms.
Treatment of immune and related diseases (especially hormonal).
The elimination of factors, predisposing to the development of thrush. That is, the refusal to the treatment of addictions, the use of antibiotics, tsitostatikov, corticosteroids, hormone estrogen-progestin preparations (contraceptives) and treatment of opportunistic infections of genital.
Without the implementation of the above conditions yeast infection treatment will be ineffective. In the best case for a short time will be reduced symptoms, subjective feelings may not even be. However, the causes of thrush will remain, which will necessarily lead to a recurrence of the disease, that is to exacerbate it again and again.

Let's look at, What are medications for the treatment of thrush - the method of application, mechanism of action, and what forms of yeast, which regimen is most justified.
Medications for the treatment of thrush can be classified according to the method of application in two forms - the local and domestic. Locally applied cream, vaginal tablets and suppositories (Candles). Inside the tablets and capsules.

So, topical preparations for the treatment of thrush.

This can cause the following drugs: клотримазол (its commercial name – Канестен, Канизон, Клотримазол, Антифунгол, Йенамазол 100, Кандибене), ikonazol (commercial names – Gino-travogen, Ovulum), миконазол (commercial names – Ginezol 7, Гино-дактарин, Клион-Д 100), natamicin (commercial name Pimafucin). Not so long ago, the most effective drugs for the local treatment of thrush considered levorin antifungal antibiotics and Nystatin. Because of the low price point and use them done now. With fresh cases of the effectiveness of their, however, is often sufficient.

Drugs used for the topical treatment of vaginal yeast infections in the form of tablets, Suppository (candles) and solutions. Introduce them to deeply, 1-2 once a day. After the introduction is to lie down for at least 30 minute, to drug absorbed in mucosal. So convenient to carry out such procedures on the night. The course of treatment is individual, but typically is 10-14 days.

What draws in drug for the topical treatment of thrush and doctors, and patients?

Speed ​​of onset of effect, as quickly subjective complaints of women do not show. Sometimes the symptoms disappear within days (using new generation of drugs).
Side effects of drugs under the action of yeast directly into the site of application is always less, than using them inside, although as with the vaginal mucosa and is a substance absorption, Yet it is quite small.

The disadvantages of local use of antifungal agents are:

  • Such a course of therapy is effective only in the fresh flow of milder forms of infection.
  • It usually takes two courses of treatment.
  • There are some limitations to the way of life (for example, Avoid sexual contact, and the possibility of oil stains on the linen is worth bearing in mind).
  • It is widely used in the past for the topical treatment of thrush 5-10% solution of borax in glycerin for today is recognized as a very inefficient.
  • Another common mistake is done by the application for the topical treatment of yeast complex preparations (Polizhinaks, Terzhinan), which include some anti-fungal components (usually clotrimazole), but their main action - the antibacterial activity (no antifungal). Therefore suppressed the normal functioning of the vaginal microflora, that only exacerbates the occurrence of thrush.

Also, with a light flow of yeast instead of drugs topical application can be used fluconazole (its commercial name - Mikosist, Дифлюкан, Форкан, Дифлазон, Medoflyukan), 150 mg orally once.

Treatment of recurrent, that is recurrent thrush, of course, a more difficult task. First, yeast treatment in this case is aimed at, to relieve the symptoms of the disease. Then, no less important phase, prevent the occurrence of recurrence of the disease. Only antifungal drug for topical application in this case do not. What is needed is a comprehensive therapy.
Firstly, the use of antifungal agents spend several courses (subsequent courses even without obvious symptoms of acute, to avoid them).
Secondly, commonly used antifungal drugs for internal use (Oral, that is, who drink, tablets and suppositories). In recent years, new drugs, which, in contrast to the levorina and Nystatin, previously used for the treatment of chronic yeast infections, have fewer side effects (hepatotoxity, decreased libido, the emergence of resistance to them agents of fungal infection).
Widely used for the treatment of fluconazole in these cases (drug inhibits sterol synthesis - an important component of the cell wall of fungus, therefore reproduction of fungi can not) and itraconazole (drug destroy the cell wall of fungi, causing their death). Sometimes for a successful recovery from recurrent yeast infections require several months of therapy. But thanks to the emergence of the pharmaceutical market of antifungal drugs long-acting enough to use them 1 weekly, that, of course, easy.
In order to choose the right drug for the treatment of thrush often aggravating, to make crop fungus and establish exactly its appearance and sensitivity to drugs.

Selection of the desired product, duration of use of antifungal drugs for the treatment of thrush and dosage appoint a doctor! It is very important, as the state of health, ways in which the yeast infection in women are different each. Self causes, that the fungal pathogen mutates and becomes insensitive to many drugs.
Moreover, Need to Know, that medicines for the treatment of thrush at times with almost the same mechanism of action exist under different names and in very different price categories. Therefore, we should not be ashamed to tell your doctor about all your circumstances to select the optimal treatment option.

The second stage of treatment in cases of recurrent thrush its course (recurrent episodes) are measures, that improve the local and general immunity.
What measures are used for this?

The use of so-called probiotics. This bacterial preparations, containing beneficial micro-organisms. Their purpose - to oust the development of pathogenic (causing diseases) bacteria and fungi. Widely appointed for the purpose vaginal suppositories and tampons with bifidum bakterin and lactobacterin.
Recovery of the intestinal microflora. For this purpose, the same beneficial bacteria ingest (бифидум-бактерин и лактобактерин).
The use of drugs to restore the normal acidity of the vagina.
Increasing the overall immunity spend, Using such preparations, how T-activin, nukleinat natriя, timalin.
Courses prescribed multivitamins and to enhance the body's resistance, and because, that taking antifungal drugs is always accompanied by a vitamin deficiency.
In addition to the use of medicinal antifungal drugs for the treatment of thrush should follow a particular diet. It consists in restricting carbohydrates, sweet, milk, Yeast Food, beer. Opposite, useful in dealing with thrush is a food with high protein (meat, fish, cottage cheese), vitamins and minerals (Fruits and Vegetables).
Only this combination therapy will really cure yeast infection and prevent its recurrence, and not just mute the manifestations.

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