Modeling of the face: beautician tips

using the filler as a non-invasive analogue of the work of a plastic surgeon today becomes quite affordable and very common aesthetic procedure. She has a name and provides a unique opportunity for sculpting the face, that is performed by injecting filler into those zones, where due to age-related changes was lost volume. Thanks to the re-establishment of a young person's volumizing became quite real for patients, not ready for deep surgery in your appearance. But this procedure has its own important rules, who you need to follow.

Than help volûmizaciâ if necessary face modeling

Volûmizaciâ joined the practice of aesthetic medicine professionals quite recently. First, this procedure was seen by doctors only in the context of the introduction of fillers to add volume to lips or filling wrinkles. But once on the beauty market new drugs for contouring, modeling of the face with the help of fillers reached a new level. Today, volumizing is rather sculpting procedure, when due to the introduction of fillers into the right eye area is adjusted hollowness, sagging cheeks, the deepening of the nasolabial folds, When gently highlight accents depending on the individual characteristics of the patient's face, due to which it becomes a youthful appearance – and all this for one procedure, without cuts, pain and lengthy rehabilitation period.

Modeling of the face with the introduction of filler allows not only to combat age-related changes, but also harmonize the person, asymmetries, to solve many problems of a psychological nature, When the patient is dissatisfied with their looks and strongly from this suffering, but plastic surgery is not ready.

Modeling of the face is a joint work of the doctor and the patient

Any doctor beautician, surely, faced with the situation, When a patient comes to accept detailed knowledge about the different procedures and requests to appoint him something specific, that, in his opinion, the best way to affect its appearance. On the one hand, for the physician it carries some relief, because it does not have to explain the essence of the procedure. On the other hand, patients often err in assessing their appearance and the nature of the problem, that bothers him feel attractive. In this situation, it is important to evaluate, together with the patient realistic expectations and pick the best program, that will solve a real, rather than a wholly contrived problem.

Doctor cosmetologist must also bear in mind that, that volûmizaciâ should not go in the quest to introduce as many filler, to change the volume of the lips or cheeks become visible to others. Modeling of the face is the only emphasis, which is hard to catch, but that gives the effect of significant changes in the appearance of the patient.

The physician should know, before you conduct modeling of the face of the patient

Starting to work with the face of the patient, the doctor should know the answers to the following questions:

What are the zones lost volume, Why formed folds and because of what the person looks like disharmonious?

How deep should be injected fillers and what are the possible risks?

What medication would be suitable for the particular patient and best goals?

The key issue should be considered drug selection. And this choice to do, based on a good knowledge of physico-chemical properties filler. In this very important safety and efficacy, the duration of its validity.

Understanding these features and the ability to use them will help your doctor reach results, relevant patient expectations, more skillfully use products, to modeling of the face of the patient is successful.

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