Eyebrow Mikroblejding

Recently, many representatives of the fair sex have given particular attention to its brovkam, and it's not excist. After all, today, as ever, relevant natural and natural beauty, as well as underline, expressive look. These criteria allow to achieve the eyebrows, they are able to transform our face and favorably emphasize all his dignity. Besides, This is the portion of the face increasingly emphasize leading fashion designers.

Alas, not all have perfect form and density of eyebrows. What to do, If you wait, While regrowing hairs, really don't want to? And can, they grow, but I do not want to take desired shape? Happens and so, that the eyebrows don't grow in principle-whether due to previously active plucking, whether because of other physiological characteristics. Nonetheless, There is a way out!

So, If earlier, girls and women have found salvation in a typical tattoo eyebrows, that was more like a tochjonuju line, rendered backing store marker, the new era of tattooing has brought tremendous changes in this sphere. One of the biggest breakthroughs is eyebrows, which appeared recently and has already managed to conquer the hearts of many girls, as in Kiev, and beyond. And the low cost of this procedure makes it available almost for all comers.

The peculiarity of the technology mikroblejdinga

What distinguishes mikroblejding from other tattoo techniques? Literally it means "mikrolezvie", because it really is very delicate work, during which special thin blade. With this neat hairs, imitating natural eyebrows, drawn not typewriter, and manually!

Such manual tattooing indeed deserves admiration, After all, allows us to achieve amazing results! And believe me, Nobody suspects the, that you made any manipulation with your eyebrows! Maximum naturalness and realism in this case guaranteed!

If you are the owner of rare and thin eyebrows, but want to improve their contour and density, then mikroblejding is the, what you need to! Such a procedure would give it the desired shape, While this is absolutely natural appearance, After all, inflicted the maximum shtrishki inherit the natural hairs, regardless of whether your own, real hair in this zone.

With masking various cosmetic flaws, for example, gaps or scars, also will do best. Therefore, If you want to make your brows wider or longer, thick or curved, This method is ideal!

Choose shade

Carefully chosen pigments used to shade the natural eyebrows. Remember, that the eyebrows should not be lighter than the color of your hair. Scrupulously Wizard will help you find the best option, that would be wonderfully combined with a form of eye, an oval face and your overall appearance.. Immediately after the procedure, the tone will be darker eyebrows, but, later 1-2 week shade becomes, you have chosen. In the end,, the results of the executed are actually mikroblejdinga subtly perfect!

It is not necessary to speak about the benefits of. Luxury perfect eyebrows, does not require any podkrashivanij pencils, shadows and other things-real dream any girl! Now you don't need to worry about that, that during the course of the day where something spread and all defects zone eyebrows, you so diligently tried to hide in the morning, become apparent.

Swim and dive with gusto-your eyebrows in perfect order! Don't be afraid to touch them is nowhere to wear nothing! And what are the early awakening? After the tattoo procedure do not have to run to the mirror in order, to "put on" beautiful eyebrows. From now on you owner its delightful eyebrows always and everywhere! A hike to the wizard-magician, made you such beauty, can remain your little secret! By the way, price mikroblejdinga eyebrows will overshadow you also not, She is very loyal and truly with us pays back all those times and costs, previously the need, you were previously forced to resort.

What comes before and during the procedure?

No special requirements for the preparations for mikroblejdingu no. Quite simply don't tweeze your eyebrows a week before procedures. Directly in the cabin, you, together with the wizard, define the desired shape eyebrows, pre prorisovav her cosmetic pencil. Next, you must choose a shade, well, after all, the initiative goes into the hands of the wizard, who uses hand tools with Superfine disposable mikrolezviem.

Fear of pain? Such experiences can leave aside, During tattooing applies local anesthetic, to minimize the sensitivity in the treatment area and make the procedure more comfortable as possible. Mikroblejding eyebrows runs from one to two hours, depending on the source data and the impact, which you want to reach.

After about a month will need to come to the correction. During this visit, missing or posvetlevshie hairs will be dorisovany and will stay with you for a long time already. With proper care the result of mikroblejdinga will be saved from 12 to 18 months-it also depends on the speed of your skin renewal. To prolong the life of the tattoo, better not abuse Scrubs and peelings in the eyebrow area.

Immediately after mikroblejdinga

Any thermal procedures (Baths, saunas) -banned for at least one week. Also, After tattooing, You should use a soothing ointment with antiseptic effect.

In addition to this, at least on the first day, avoid touching the eyebrows in the field mikroblejdinga. At the same time, it should be deleted contact with water, and for removing makeup from other parts of the face can be used facial tissues or cotton pads with lotion. Brown, introduced in the zone of eyebrows, just a few days will disappear by themselves-to help them in any case need not!

By following these simple rules, you are guaranteed to find eyebrows of your dreams, that definitely will give you confidence and a good mood every time, When you see yourself in the mirror!

Eyebrow Mikroblejding -is a real godsend for girls, who know a lot about fashion, as well as appreciate yourself and your time. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and you! The result necessarily fully justify themselves and delight its practicality and beauty!

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