Mesotherapy persons: What side effects are and how to avoid them

Today, patients are already well aware of the capabilities and features of application of injectable treatments for skin rejuvenation, therefore their demands to the beautician include a selection of quality products, a good and long lasting result, minimization of painful manifestations and side effects. The most common aesthetic injection procedure, for which apply to the clinic patients, is face, and the physician must constantly improve skills and knowledge in the mastery of this cosmetic procedure.

Some of the important conditions for mesotherapy face

Let us recall some very important legal aspects of facial mesotherapy. Firstly, work should only be licensed with legal drugs. In this case, when a side effect, associated with the features of the administered drug, will be responsible, along with the doctor and the drug manufacturer or distributor.

Secondly, the patient should be sure to sign the informed consent for the procedure, which must be prescribed

  • and the names of drugs administered,
  • and the number of expected sessions,
  • and results, which is supposed to reach,
  • postprotsedurny and care in accordance with the doctor's recommendations,
  • and other important conditions on professional discretion, conductive face mesotherapy.

The third important condition for the procedure - photo documentation of the original picture and the results obtained.

Often the patient has high expectations of mesotherapy of the face and does not understand, that changes in the skin, in this case take place gradually, gradually. Due to over your face with the first picture he is satisfied, that the treatment is effective.

What side effects are possible with facial mesotherapy

Insufficient pronounced effect. The reason may be properly selected drug, because the doctor came to the incorrect assessment of skin problems, medical history and patient selection.


the development of inflammation. Perhaps, there were irregularities in the preparation mezokokteylya or when drugs. Such mistakes happen, for example, if the beautician knows the pharmacological properties of the drug used and applies something, not intended for intradermal (for example, fat emulsions). Sometimes the doctor may mistakenly type in the syringe not the drug, which also runs inflammation.

Papules longer on injection 72 hours. It happens, If working with hyaluronic acid doctor correctly evaluated the skin dehydration.


Moreover, if correctly calculate the concentration of hyaluronic acid in mesotherapy face in the lower eyelid, you can get a long-term swelling, and when the swelling come down - at this point will increase sagging skin.

Slow clinical effect. Such claims from patients often arrive at work with antihomotoxic medications. When using preparations of this patient group in advance to warn, The mechanism of their action is pkrkprogrammirovanii work of skin cells and the extracellular matrix, but this takes time. Gradually cell functioning will reach a new level, that manifest skin rejuvenation.

patients causes of claims are often exaggerated expectations or promises, although in any case after mesotherapy face, they note an improvement in skin quality. Appointing procedure Face mesotherapy, Specialist must understand mechanisms of selected drugs and skin problems, to be adjusted, be clear about the forecasts for each patient and to be able to explain them properly, that the results of the procedure brought the desired effect.


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