Methods of treating postacne: that offers modern cosmetology

Acne or acne is the most common skin disease process, which fall in a given age experience almost everyone. Common and always topical problem is acne in teenagers, When in response to sudden changes in hormonal levels increases the production of sebaceous glands secretion and acne. In any case,, the beauticians many effective ways to get rid of acne, but patients often long time trying to cope with the problem. The result of the wrong therapy for Acne might become even more unpleasant condition-postacne.

depends on the severity of the disease

Postacne is all skin changes, that remain after the treatment of acne and substituted an enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation and depigmentation, Telangiectasia, patches of redness and various welts. The degree of severity of post-acne depends on many factors, the main ones are the duration and severity of acne, patient age, as well as the tactics of treatment of acne.

The longer the last disease, the heavier flows and the more exhausted recovery capabilities of the skin, the more noticeable are the manifestations of postacne.

Choice of treatment depends postacne, How pronounced his signs.


What are the methods of treatment of post-acne offers modern cosmetology

Modern cosmetology offers a few basic effective treatments for post-acne, that help cope with this condition, effectively addressing its symptoms. Such methods include:

  • Mechanical cleansing -regression is performed only after acute inflammatory lesions, and is used to remove excess secretion of the sebaceous glands of their ductless, as well as removing comedones. This process reduced the mouth of the ductless glands, and even the texture of the skin;
  • Plucking massage Jacquet -massage technique, which runs the course in 5-10 procedures and allows you to normalize tone of the sebaceous glands and their secretions product level, cut mouth ductless and even skin tone;
  • Peels is one of the most effective method of treating postacne, that implies a controlled removal of too many layers of skin. Than more marked manifestations of acne, the more deep and aggressive effect on the skin of the patient should be. After peeling is aligned with the texture and color of the skin of the patient, normalizes sebum secretion and reduces the mouth of the ductless glands;
  • Mesotherapy -the procedure is performed and dermatokosmetologami lies in the introduction of artemisinin monotherapies and Mesotherapy mesotherapeutic cocktails to normalize metabolism in exhausted long inflammatory skin process. After Mesotherapy stabilizes the secretion of the sebaceous glands, reduced Telangiectasia and even skin color;
  • Methods of instrumental cosmetology, such as electrophoresis, microcurrents, phonophoresis, cryomassage and others are carried out according to;
  • Therapeutic masks contain substances, providing podsushiwauschee, sossoudossouerveshchee, resorption and disinfectant effect on the skin and affected areas are at the final stage of other cosmetic procedures, applied for the treatment of acne.

is a continuous process, evaluate the results of which can be only after completion of the course a cosmetologist recommended therapeutic procedures.

Individual approach to each patient's skin and the attentive selection of therapeutic activities helps to maximize good results treating postacne.

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