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direction of activity – development and creation of innovative technologies in the field of anti-aging cell therapy

The company "Emet" exclusively presents MESOSCULPT ™ C71 in Ukraine and CIS countries.

According to many experts, This drug changes the approach to therapy of involutionary changes in adipose tissue, as well as make technology development remodulirovaniâ face and body in the years ahead!!!

History of creation

Indications for use:

Age subcutaneous fat deposits of the lower third of the face, resulting in the loss of young circuits and ovals

Correction of "painting" bags

The "second" Chin

The result of applying:

Decrease in superficial fat medium packages, the lower third of the face and neck:

– paint the fat Pack

– the Naso-labial fat Pack

– medial and lateral mandible fat packs

– medial and lateral cheek fat packs

– Chin fat Pack

Reduction of the gravitational PTOSIS

Alignment macro skin

New injectable drug medical supplies MesoSculpt (C) 71effectively, safely and with lingering aesthetic picture allows you to reduce the volume of surface fat packets of face and neck, restoring the young shape and oval face, as an independent means of, and preliminary stage before further cosmetic procedures-contour plastics, nitevym and hardware lifting.

The concept of drug \ mechanism of action

Unikal′nos′ drug

The main components of the

Lipoblock XP2 (for the first time in cosmetology)

Hexapeptide 17 (for the first time in cosmetology)

DRMC complex (dermo-remoduliruûŝij complex)

Form of delivery:

MESOSCULPT ™ C71 comes in a number of 1 ml in sterile syringe with tip luerovskim (needle not included-sold separately needles 32-33G, 0.20; 0,23x4mm) The contents of the sterilized membrane filtration method.

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