Meso-Wharton P199

"Meso-Wharton P199 ™» ( Mezovarton ) – injectable medical supplies for perfect reproduction of skin cells through unique patented peptide Wharton's Jelly Peptide R199 ™, providing scientific and proven targeted impact on the own stem cells of the epidermis and DermIS. Has no analogues in the world, It is a source of new opportunities in "anti-aging" therapy, high efficiency and achieve visible results in short time!

Developer Laboratory Of ABG LAB USA – a unique activity-design and development of innovative technologies in the field of anti-aging therapy of skin cells.

"Emet" exclusively presents "Meso-Wharton P199 ™» in Ukraine and CIS countries.

When it comes to healthy beauty, about the safety and effectiveness of any compromises unacceptable! "Meso-Wharton P199 ™» -only drug, which can be proven to stimulate your own epidermal and dermal stem cells, resulting in the birth of new cells! Under his influence the cell is updated pool of epidermis and DermIS, increased synthetic activity of skin cells, strengthening its structure and barrier properties.

Mezovarton – This is tissue specific Mesotherapy, VIP biorevitalization or hi-tech biorevitalization, or the latest generation biorevitalization

The revolutionary discovery of the polypeptide "Wharton's Jelly Peptide R199», providing scientific and proven targeted impact on the own stem cells of the epidermis and DermIS marked the beginning of the evolution of the concept of rejuvenation of the skin, opened up possibilities for own reparations skin.
It is a synthetic analogue of Embryological polypeptide, contained in the substance of the umbilical cord. Activates proliferatiou and differentiation of stem cells into mature, functioning of skin cells, Thus competently and physiological as eliminating the age cell deficiency

History of creation

Indications for use:

Prevention of aging skin;

age-related skin changes (Wrinkles, loss of tone and elasticity, gravitational PTOSIS);

preparations for plastic operations;

rehabilitation of postoperative skin;

skin recovery after median and deep peeling, Laser abrasives, Burns of different origin;


dehydrated skin.

The result of applying:

moistened skin;

smoothens wrinkles;

the oval face is lifted;

evens complexion;

skin looks young and healthy;

run natural mechanisms for Facial rejuvenation, Neck, decollete (the drug is also used in any skin area, where you want rejuvenation-hands, Belly, shoulders, hips, knees, elbows).

The concept of drug \ mechanism of action:

creates optimal conditions for migration, proliferation and differentiation of skin's own stem cells;

replaces sluggishly upgrading cell structure;

Restores the physiological regulation of vital activity of cells.

The main components of the:

"Wharton's Jelly Peptide P199 ™»

hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of 3000kDa- 1,5 %;

growth factors (The EGF; bfgf; IGF-2;);

tioredoksin-antioxidant TRX;

vitamins ((A); EMG.; With; (E); (K); folic acid);

amino acids;

trace elements;


nucleic acids.

Form of delivery:

The drug is supplied in a glass syringe with tip for luerovskim one-single use. The contents of the syringe sterilized modern membrane filtration method.

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