Melatonin – sleep hormone and youth pledge

The question of whether, How to prolong youth, concerns not only gerontologists and geriatricians, but cosmetologists, as anti-aging treatments occupy first place in the list of services, expected patients from cosmetic clinics. Among the latest scientific developments, which, probably, will be able to slow down the skin aging process, experts consider funds with melatonin content.

Over the past decade in world and national cosmetology increasingly question is raised, as far as biological rhythms (i.e. uniform striping in time any State body) responsible for our aging, and what should I do, in order to stop this most aging both inside, and outside.

The Sundial of aging

Man lives "under the sounds of the Orchestra" – rhythms, created by Land, Sun, Moon, planets, Cosmos. Distinguish external biological rhythms, having the geographical nature and follow the cyclical changes in the external environment, and internal (physiological) rhythms. The most known: circadian (circadian or daily) and seasonal biological rhythms, associated with a specific fotoperiodičnost′û – response of living organisms on circadian rhythm of illumination, day length and the balance between dark and light time of the day. In the human order 300 physiological functions depend on external biological rhythms. "Our Orchestra Conductor" – pineal gland, or pineal body, – endocrine gland, located in the geometric centre of the brain.

The world of science to the èpifizu has been drawn relatively recently, only in the second half of the past century. Before this body to the size of a pea to remain outside of scientific interests, as soon as the fault-language pathologists evolutionists considered it for a rudimentary third eye, Moreover, almost lost its connection with the rest of the brain, and therefore unworthy of the attention of serious researchers.
Meanwhile humanity epiphysis is known for thousands of years, and in the distant past, Oddly enough (given its extremely small size), He has earned a very respectful attitude. It is impossible not to marvel at the coincidence of views the ancient Indian and Greek philosophers on this gland. The first somehow believed the pineal gland body telepathy and reflection on reincarnation of the soul, and the second, not supported with the first, took for valve, again, regulating the number of souls, the structure of the, necessary to establish the mental equilibrium.

The impetus for the truly scientific study of the pineal gland has served as the basic work and. Lerner and his co-authors, described in 1958 year clarifying effect on the skin of frogs substances, secreted from glands and known as . Later 10 years, Thanks to research J. Akselrod, It was found, that the pineal gland and its hormone most directly related to the regulation of biological rhythms. Since then began and continues an unprecedented so far "èpifizarnyj boom", modern science has literally.

The secret of longevity

It is now known, What is melatonin – fotoperiodičnosti hormone – provided mainly at night, because it oppressed pulses, coming from the retina, responsive to light.

Per day produces only about 30 mcg of melatonin. Its secretion is subject to a daily rhythm and occurs mostly in the dark (70% is synthesized at night; peak formulation falls on two o'clock in the morning), and the light, in the morning and afternoon, formulation of hormone dramatically suppressed.

There is a change in the synthesis of melatonin, seasonal. Melatonin levels in the blood in humans is minimal during the period from May to July, i.e. a maximum duration of daylight and illumination. In those same months, maximum value reaches between a minimum amplitude (day) and the maximum (night) levels of melatonin during the day. Apparently, associated namely with this seasonal changes of total activity and, emotional state of a person.

Melatonin decreases with age. For each person is individual enough curve melatoninovaâ. With a significant reduction in the formulation of melatonin at the majority of starts after 40 years, While centenarians have marked pretty high levels of this hormone. Can, Here lies the secret of longevity?!

Scientists are also open membrane receptors for melatoninu (MTNR1A, located in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, suprahiazmatičeskih nuclei of hypothalamus and peripheral organs, and MTNR1B – in the brain, retina, light) and nuclear (retinoid) receptors. The sensitivity of these receptors to melatoninu decreases with age and varies depending on the time of day.

Function of melatonin

What are the main functions of melatonin in the body, If the pineal gland is called the "Sundial of aging"? Regulation of circadian and seasonal rhythms, antioxidant and anticancer protection, control of endocrine, the nervous and immune systems, – and that's not all!

Melatonin provides natural sleep structure, the body adapts to changing climatic and geographical areas and the rapid change of time zones, supports reproductive system, optimizes cognitive brain activity and prevent its violation, improves perception, weakens the disturbing behavior and sense of fear, reduces energy costs of myocardium, oppressing agregatia platelets, normalizes žirouglevodnyj Exchange, blood pressure, motility, rhythm and secretory activity of the stomach and intestines and, What is the most important, slows down the aging processes.

Natural levels of hormone in the blood depends on the age of the (We have already mentioned), from the floor (in females it is above, than men), and if these settings change not in our power, the third and, Perhaps, the most important component of – dream!

All the, that disrupts the normal alternation of light and darkness and confuses our circadian rhythms, contributes to accelerated aging. Primarily, This fault light pollution (brightening the night sky artificial light sources, dissolving in the lower atmosphere), working the night shift, permanent lighting at night, White nights in northern latitudes, transmeridial′nye flights. The advent of electricity, artificial increase in the length of daylight hours, night work or shift work, night leisure youth, – Here are the reasons, lead to a crash of our internal biological clock. And from their work depends on the biological age, that does not always correspond to the calendar.

Methods for determination of biological age is based on the measurement of so-called biomarkers of aging. Biomarkers of aging – objective physiological measures of organs and body systems, with the help of which shall be determined by the pace of aging, as well as an assessment of the individual health risks, including the forecast of development of a number of diseases. To definite requirements are set aging biomarkeram: they should reflect the physiological age, make it possible to control changes in the body, serve as a means of predicting life expectancy, be legkovosproizvodimymi, measured as in animals, and in humans, be neletal′nymi, non-invasive and minimally traumatic.

Keep level

How to determine, is there a lack of melatonin in the body and whether it required additional admission? The most reliable way to – to measure the content of. Developed by the now very sensitive (from 0,5 PG/ml) methods for determination of this hormone not only in blood plasma, but in the urine and saliva – make its use quite possible and reasonable. Dose, time and course admission is determined individually in each case, with the obligatory taking into account the shape of the curve of melatonin.

If sleep is becoming more superficial and restless, If the wrong lifestyle violates cycle "sleep-wake", If you're having trouble sleeping, What is the probable cause – low levels of melatonin secretion. In this case, there are two ways to solve the problem: sleep in absolute darkness, to fully develop its own melatonin, or reception of exogenous melatonin in the age reduction formulation of this hormone. Compliance day, sufficient light exposure in daytime, time bedtimes before midnight, the long sleep (seven-eight hours) in total darkness (blackout curtains on Windows, disabled shower, computer, Nightlight, the use of bandages over his eyes), the consumption of products, rich in tryptophan (bananas, Turkey, chicken, cheese, nuts, sunflower seeds), – Here is a fairly simple conditions, that maintains secretion of melatonin at the proper physiological level.

It is desirable to abandon drugs, reduce melatonin levels, and take in the spring and summer, vitamin-mineral complexes with vitamins B3 and B6, calcium and magnesium, that boost melatonin. If you follow all these precautionary measures, the melatonin-"pendulum" of our biological clock – will be produced in time and in the right quantity. It will help us cope and disease control, and with an accelerated aging, and with age pathology.

Exists and external application of melatonin, entered in creams or lotions, providing antioxidant, moisturizing and regenerating action on the skin. If this marked reduction of shallow wrinkles, Restore elasticity and skin tone. Studies have shown, regular use such cosmetics prevents premature ageing of the epidermis.

Noted, moreover, fotoprotektivnoe effect of melatonin for exterior use (absorbed 27.17% UVB rays and 12.29% rays UFA). Perhaps its use and in complex cosmetic programs, such as contour, Mesotherapy, botulinum toxin injections. This allows you to roll over the main procedure; cosmetics with content of melatonin can be used and the- and postpilingovom care. In aesthetic surgery and permanent make-up such tools contribute to rapid recovery, prevent the development of secondary infection, enhance local immunity.

But do not think, though it created "èpifizarnyj boom" – the panacea for all our ills and misfortunes. Requires advanced clinical trial application of melatonin or other drugs, stimulating endogenous melatonin, that would allow for substitution therapy depending on the cause of melatoninom, caused the lack of this hormone.

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