Manicure, pedicure – And Doneva.

Irina Doneva

Specialization: Medical treatment of the foot specialist, manicurist, pedicure

Record of service: 17 years

Education: Academy of Scientific Beauty Tornado

Certificates and diplomas:

2011 year: Education functional-kinetic foot massage Dieter Baumann – educators and practitioners Podiatry, owner's own practice, as well as the ideology of the German Law on Podiatry.

2011 year: Member pedicure masters workshop, g. Sevastopol (lecturer – the first chairman of the Union of German masters pedicure, practicing Podiatry Dieter Baumann)

2011 year: Workshop participant on "The Treatment of ingrown toenail" (Training Center PLASTEK)

2011 year: Member of TM seminar "Trosani" Technology:

– Hardware manicure

– Capacity 1-phase gels

– Designs color gels

2012 year: Participant on seminar: "Diabetic foot syndrome" (lecturer Pelogievskiy I & V)

2013 year: Member pedicure masters workshop, g. Zander (Methodist Training Center "Plastek" Volkova Tatyana)

2017 year: Training in modern methods of treatment issues, associated with the feet on the basis of cosmetics "SUDA".

Certificate of Completion "Processing foot problem. The use of rotary tools " (Training Center PLASTEK)

Certificate of Completion "treatment of problem nails. Prosthetic of nails " (Training Center PLASTEK)

Certificate of completion for pedicure on: "Treatment of the foot problem, including fungal diseases using KART drugs "

A certificate of completion of the seminar topic: "The problem of foot treatment using the German cosmetics GEHWOL»

The basic directions of activity: Podiatry: treatment of corns, natoptışey, ingrown nail correction, treatment of fungal infections, Medical treatment of the foot, Classic, hardware manicure, pedicure, shellac coating, functional-kinetic foot massage Dieter Baumann.

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    Hello! How much does a manicure and duration of the course course?

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