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Hands is a card of modern man. State of the hands and nails not only speaks about the health status of an individual, but also on its ability to look after themselves. Neat and attractive hands attention, After all, along with human face, they are always on the mind. Rediscover the beauty and perfection of hands helps manicure.

To date,, the manicure is not only to cover the nail varnish. Giving some form of nail plate, remove the cuticle and burrs, polishing, building and much more also are part of the modern manicure. In General, this term can be described as any hygienic nail and hand care, thus, This does not only decorative, but the hygiene function.

Beautiful manicure in Kherson from Tornado MG gives the aesthetic appearance of your sticks and makes a girl more confident in her beauty. Fashion manicure is gaining all the big revolutions and the wizard and stylists coming up with new technology.

Manicure — execute using electrical appliance with rotating nozzles and many additional devices. Attachments allow you to grind your skin around the nail plate and nails themselves, When this whole procedure takes a minimum of time.

The most popular and therefore represented in the Academy scientific beauty of tornadoes are classic, European manicure and, as well as other variants (SPA, Japanese manicure etc.)

Tornado MG focuses not only on the aesthetic component of manicure, but its foundations and hygienic.

We use only proven professional cosmetics. Distinguished brands Crystal, Shellac, Sparitual, CND, Orly, Nailtech presented in Kherson in Tornado MG help make sophisticated manicure, improve the condition of the nail plate, a mandatory hand massage will help you to get rid of the emotional tension.


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