According to the World Health Organization, today one in ten women has a greater likelihood of malignant tumors of the mammary glands, and every second there is a high risk of mastitis and various benign tumors.

To date, one of the most important issues in maintaining women's health around the world is to ensure the prevention and timely treatment of various breast diseases.

Similar problems involved in mammalogy, and doctors, specializing in this field of medicine, have a comprehensive knowledge of surgery, Endocrinology, gynecology and dermatology.

Regular attendance of mammalogy is the only way to isolate and repair the early stages of a variety of diseases, localized in the chest. In most cases, it avoids the need for surgery and eliminate the existing problem by using conservative methods of treatment. If we can not do without surgery, the sooner detect the presence of tumor, the better will be the result of her removal, further treatment and rehabilitation.

Tornado MG offers its patients the opportunity to consult an experienced Mammalogy-doctor, and pass the necessary diagnostics.

The causes of breast diseases

Normally, the breasts should throughout a woman's life to be in peace and quiet, However, hormonal disorders often have a negative impact on their state.

The main causes of breast diseases are:

  • beginning of menstruation before the age of 11 years;
  • too early or frequent abortions;
  • late age at first pregnancy and childbirth (After 35 years);
  • inflammations, localized in the chest;
  • the presence of sexually transmitted infections in anamnesis;
  • genetic predisposition on the maternal side;
  • Late menopause (After 55 years);
  • various gynecological diseases;
  • the presence of irregularities in the thyroid gland;
  • stress;
  • injuries to the chest;
  • all, the use of alcohol or drugs.

Even if you do not have any of the above causes of breast diseases, Be sure to pass the annual preventive check-ups Mammalogy-doctor, to verify the absence of any problems.

Symptoms, in which consultation is necessary mammalogy

many women, experiencing any discomfort in the chest, We tend to associate their appearance with certain days of the menstrual cycle or the individual characteristics of. similar reasons, really, are taking place, but promote breast tenderness only marginally. If a strong sense of discomfort in the chest area appears on a regular basis or do not pass, Be sure to consult with a doctor by a breast.

Be sure to contact mammologist necessary in the presence of the following symptoms:

  • pain of varying severity, localized in the breast;
  • acute colic and "heaviness" in the chest;
  • pronounced change in the shape or size of the original one or two breast;
  • Seals, hematoma or nodules of various sizes, noticeable to palpation;
  • inflammation and pain in the axillary lymph nodes;
  • change in the shape or size of the nipple;
  • retraction of the nipple inside;
  • purulent, blood or any other secretions from the nipple;
  • the appearance of crusts and scales on the nipple;
  • violation of lactation, the impossibility of pumping;
  • change in color or a noticeable thickening of the skin in the breast;
  • irregular periods, which are painful;
  • general fatigue.

The absence of symptoms, listed above, It is not a reason to abandon a visit to a doctor mammalogy, since many diseases of mammary glands occur completely unnoticed by the woman herself, whereby it is possible to skip the initial stage of the development of neoplastic processes, and greatly reduce the probability of a positive outcome in the treatment of malignancies.

We recommend to women to attend doctor of mammalogy at least once a year, to conduct inspection, diagnosis and ensure normal breast.

Risk factors for the occurrence of malignant tumors in the breast

One of the most dangerous breast disease is cancer, which every year is more common in women of different ages. It is important to timely diagnose cancer, using modern methods of Mammalogy.

Particular attention should be paid to such risk factors:

  • various hormonal disorders;
  • a genetic predisposition to the appearance of tumors;
  • availability of abortions in the anamnesis;
  • long (more 10 years) hormonal contraceptives;
  • abandonment of lactation;
  • contusions and trauma breast;
  • a variety of breast surgery;
  • significant weight;
  • regularly experience stress.

Women, in which there is at least one of the factors listed above, should a young doctor regularly, mammalogy, passing all the required examinations at least once a year.

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