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The history of the search for effective ways to increase male reproductive organ goes into the distant past. very far. Adherents of the theory of divine creation of the world and people can safely start to the day, Adam from the one and only of its kind creations turned into a single representative of the masculine. Proponents of the theory of Darwin's Origin of species to allocate a given point of reference is a little harder. But, However,, It can be assumed, that since the advent of (<Homo habilis>), that is, a couple of million years before (<Homo sapiens>), These attempts have taken place. It is no wonder that this very skilful <man> so named? If we take into account the hypothesis of an extraterrestrial origin of reason, ... But it is, Perhaps, It is already beyond human imagination. In any case,, for the past historical period, methods have been proposed a great many. However, on closer inspection all their diversity you can safely stow all three groups. but the big.

manual methods

In this group we have included all the known methods, suggesting an increase in male sex organ by means of manual labor . Here's ,for example, Nice Arabic method <Dzhelk>: take own penis from the base with thumb and forefinger and wire cutting them to the head. And so every day for a long and blessed 30 minute, not allowing himself, however, no orgasm. When you feel its inevitable approach, just stop and wait out. This and similar methods are based on the, blood, filling the cavernous bodies during exercise, as if <develops> recent. As a result,, they become more and after a while able to take an even greater amount of blood. And there is no limit to perfection.


Really, regular blood filling the corpora cavernosa of the penis increases. The best possible result - 1 cm. The same effect is achieved by regular sexual life. All the rest of the realm of fantasy.


No more dangerous than usual masturbation.

"Bitchy METHODS"

In the Indian language, the word "bitch" means "swelling". Therefore, in this section we have carried all methods, based on long-term errektsii, which is caused by different artificial means: chemicals, herbs, mechanical compression. For example, Indian method ,Exercise "bitch" recommends daily, for an hour or more, with special herbs to keep the penis in erection state. Justification of these methods is similar to the previous. The limit of perfection – same.


See the previous method.


prolonged (during few hours) artificially induced erection belongs to the dangerous conditions and often requires surgery. Therefore, it is not necessary to carry out similar experiments in the territorial remoteness of the medical institution.


If you can pull the ears, nose, lips and even the neck, then the same thing can be done with a penis. methods, based on this statement,, we have identified a third group. Need to say, These methods are very popular. For example, in the upper reaches of the river Ganges lives a tribe, considers penis residence place of the Spirit of God. Therefore, the elongation of the body is purely ritual character. Equipment is simple enough - to the penis boy, using a simple device, suspended load, which weight gradually increases. So that by the time of maturity of the young man resembles God's abode long hose most or, taking into account the local color, Lian, which I had to twist and wear in a special basket. The Truth, no other function, except mestozhitelskoy, this body is no longer able to perform. Therefore, prudent natives subjected to such ritual only elected.


The limit of perfection unknown to science.


Within reasonable limits, and safe method currently used in medicine (cm. below). The foolish (cm. above)


I can be considered, and this group is really the fourth. It happened, that it arose by itself, as of this writing. otherwise, where I took, for example, daosistky (or Taoist) method (all sorts of meditative exercises). Or technique of self-hypnosis. Also other equally <real> means, which at first I just wanted to keep silent. But then I thought,, it is still unfair. Or, In modern, undemocratically.


Scientific data are not available.


With a member of your nothing bad will happen. That's for sure. good, however, also. But rather weak head can easily be left without a roof.

essentially Practice

As you know, <many> not always mean <enough>. Therefore,, in spite of the countless existing methods, demand for methods to increase penis until recently remained almost satisfied. And now the search for the perfect way to increase your penis is in full swing. So until the desired light at the end of the tunnel, apparently, still very far. But still.

Lengthening of the penis

To date, there is still the only (in terms of, the only truly effective) method of increasing the length of the penis - the mobilization.


Organ, in question, There is a, as you know, not just by itself, special triangular and is attached ligament (It called <ligomentum suspenzorium penis>, If anyone is curious) to the pubic bone. This ligament originates from the pubic symphysis (place the pubic bone connection) and, dividing, It is woven into the base of the penis. In principle, the, with the exception of the side openings, bundle does not contain any blood vessels, or nerves. For crossing through this ligament (side branches, as a rule, do not touch) penis first mobilized, and then pulled out with the help of a special device. In this penis enlargement is not due to its extension in the literal sense, but by removing the outside additional reserves - it is useless hidden inside the scrotum of one third.


First cross that same bunch with a long name, thereby increasing the mobility of the penis. On assurance of doctors, no harmful effects of this action is not be held: the member does not come off, do not move out to the side, is not twisted and does not <dislocate>. Since this is important for procreation and body without the said bundle has a sufficient number of holding its formations. After this, the penis begin to pull- about, as a turnip from the fairy tale, only instead of folklore grandmother, Dedkov and granddaughter using a special device. Per se, he reminds notorious Ilizarov apparatus, and the principle of operation is generally the same. You need to wear this device for maximum effect for at least ten to twelve hours a day for four to six months. Ordinary life will not be affected: the machine can go, work and sleep. Sexual life, too, can only priborchik previously have to remove.


In 80% cases achieved elongation 3 cm. Particularly resistant may receive an increase in 5 cm. When the diameter remains the same. Although the numbers themselves are not very impressive, in the name of the application to the penis, they are huge. Imagine the difference between the 15th and 20 centimeters. Almost heaven and earth.


Danger no more than any plastic surgery.

Should be a lot of good

80% men, who wish to lengthen the penis, also want to give it extra volume. At first glance unenlightened, problem diametrical penis enlargement, in contrast to its linear growth, It should have an easier solution. But this is only at first glance. Yet, this problem is also solved.

lipoplasty (or liposculpture).


The missing volume is compensated own fat.


All very simple. The fat with the help of a special device, It is sucked out of the place, where he and so many (this is called liposuction), processed by special technology, and then injected into the body of your interest in order to achieve the desired result. For this borrowed fat spread throughout the volume of the penis and for a time of gypsum, giving a particular shape of the composition. It turns out quite nice. However, the joy of the lucky owners of the increased esteem sometimes proves to be very short. Since fat, deprived of adequate nutrition, It has a pernicious habit resolve. And approximately 50% patients (or, more precisely, customers) by the end of the tenth day, all the acquired surplus disappear without a trace. As, By the way, and money for the operation.


The main - is not the result of resistance. Moreover, there are some side effects. not fatalnыe, but unpleasant.


Plump penis looks quite attractive.


Still, the idea of ​​a penis pump something dense and resilient and in the air. And of course the official medicine could not pass by. The Truth, Vaseline is used instead eskulapamiya poliakriloamidny gel, better known as silicone.


Under the skin of the penis is pumped gel.


Just. Besides, in honor of Vaseline, It does not lead to the above-mentioned complications.


Since the gel is no fixed, over time, steady under the forces of gravity, it accumulates in the head. In this case, the penis becomes resemblance to a lion's tail. Or, if anything, with mace. Of course, This could be attributed to the problem of a purely aesthetic, if there is no problem with an exposure head. What is the cause of phimosis (posthitis) or balanopastita (inflammation of the Glans)


It is also a kind of silicone, just not liquid, and more dense and ductile, -consistency it is close, rather, to plasticine.


"Molded" is what you need, and is distributed evenly across the surface of the penis.


Also, that of the gel. Plus this - nowhere flows


may break. Not the penis, Naturally, and then the, that it is stuck on it. That, in turn,, accompanied by pain and injury already quite natural fabrics. Dr. Bertrand warns: To date, the above methods (Liposuction and introduction of synthetic materials unfixed) They are already past stage, and not recommended for use. But not prohibited by law. Therefore, some private clinics (including Western) still include them in the list of our services. So be careful.

latest achievements

In principle, the, it is also autoplasty, Only instead of fat used leather pieces. There are two techniques .

Free leather scraps and materials

Own skin with any part of the body. More often than not with a shoulder or buttocks with.


Placed under the skin of the penis.


does not resolve. It does not drip. does not break. It is not a foreign element, so well it takes root and do not cause rejection. For the same reason gipoallergichno.


Since the embedded piece of skin loses power, then over time it becomes thinner.

The Effect Of

Up To 10 cm. round (3 cm. in diameter).


No more dangerous than any plastic surgery.

Thoracodorsal skin graft


Used as your own skin, but only with the muscles particle (often the widest gear or back muscles), as well as artery, its supply.


Cut flap is not just enclose the right place, and sew like a torn finger or ear.


If the flap survives, his power is saved.


Can not settle down. As with any other vascular surgery has the risk of anastomotic leak (place of the blood vessels compound). Moreover, anastomosis can zatrombirovatsya. The Truth, if this does not happen the first time, there is a communicative (supplementary) circulation.


The same, as in the previous case,.


The same, as in the previous case,.

Introduction of foreign materials

Another digression

So, generally, not new. With the technique of administration beneath the skin of the penis petrolatum or other foreign material with a harder structure (balloons, polished toothbrushes, precious stones and other handy tools) many men are familiar not by hearsay. And if it starts an acquaintance in a variety of places (usually there, where many men, which absolutely nothing to do), it has been going on, usually in the hospital. The most common complication of experiments with petroleum jelly (rather, it's not even a complication, and a kind of finale the entire history) is oleogranulema - Cluster mostly Vaseline in one place with the change of adjacent tissue. Eliminated only by surgery. If granuloma is small and located in the foreskin, the experimenter waiting for something like circumcision. However, deep education, which are located on the stem of the penis, They are demanding a serious two-stage operation: penis first Scalping, freed from unnecessary entities, retracts into the scrotum (only the head, how Krasna virgin in okontse, peeking out of it) and only a couple of months goes free. But because the recovery is due to the skin of the same scrotum, Yes plus to this form scarring, the newly received copy of, as a rule, It is slightly shorter. And besides, it needs regular shave (to-be, on the scrotum because the hair grows, Did you forget?). Moreover, foreign bodies (this also applies to solid objects) cause fibrotic changes in the tissues, which is also not conducive to long-term and high-quality erections. But all this, as the saying goes , the edification of posterity.

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