Lipofilling in Tornado MG

(, lipomodelirovanie, lipotransfer), autologous fat transfer involves those areas of, where there is a deficit.

Indications for the procedure lipograftinga:

  • Violation of a path or atrophy of the subcutaneous fat
  • Wrinkles, folds, small or atrofirovannye lips, inverted scars, expressed the lacrimal Groove
  • Deformities of the skin relief
  • Sinking down cheeks, small Chin, unexpressed cheekbones, thin Shin, small buttock
  • Breast augmentation

Result lipografting:

  • Beautiful and proportional path
  • Natural and a more youthful appearance
  • Lipofilling gives stable long-term results. As soon as the blood vessels sprout layer of the transplanted fat, He will remain forever
  • The result of the lipofilinga depends on the growth of your vessels. Typically, after you take fat injections 50-70% cells. We therefore recommend that you repeat the procedure through the 4-6 months to achieve the perfect result.
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